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Essay about discovering about the history of the owner's house or building he lives in

miller_3107 1 / 1  
Jul 15, 2021   #1
Recently I have paid attention to my writing skill by praticing with some examinations. Here is my task 2 written by in recent day, hope to see your comments and evaluations. Thanks!

In some countries, more and more people are becoming interested in finding out about the history of the house or building they live in.

What are the reasons for this? How can people research this?

In the modern world, it is disputable that humankind is gradually curious about various mystery tales in the past. As a result, in several nations, people who initially own a house or building tend to discover the history of the area they live in.

To give explanation for this phenomenon, there are two main reasons ownership of houses have curious tendency about their accommodation. To begin with, they are afraid that the land could bring about inevitable evil. In some area, government renovates cemeteries into a range of brilliant blocks in order to attract inhabitants' settlement. Although living in modern society, some individuals affected by ancient beliefs still have a certain failure about ghosts and devils. Additionally, several pieces of knowledges about their area can prevent them from unpredictable unworthy encounters. Nowadays, our community is crammed with sophisticated scammers, so people can easily contact those bad individuals. They can have a land agreement with land in a dispute and be evicted by authorities in the future time. Hence, people can be scammed with a huge income without awareness of their house's history.

In order to be conscious of danger, some remedies can be given to people. Firstly, going around the neighborhood and asking neighbors about the house or building is possible. Residences nearby can give information about the former owner of the house and what strange stories happening in the past. They can also warn the next owner if the house is still the property of another one. Another solution is asking leaders of the residential group or the area's government. They can give some recorded events reported and consider whether the accommodation is in disputation.

In summary, people discover the origin of their new house or building in order to protect their benefit, and there are some ways they can apply to get detailed information.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,447 4693  
Jul 16, 2021   #2
The prompt rewrite is not even remotely related to the original prompt. The miter also neglected to provide the discussion lbasis based on question responses. The paraphrasing + opinion presentation is a failure. The interpretation would have been better if w'itten similar to:

All residential structures, whether local or global, have a story to tell. These days the owners or renters of these places would like to know the story beliend where they live. some of them need to know these information for legal purposes. Such information can easily be found by visiting the land titles department at their local city hall.

The above sample clearly restates the topic in a totally new, but original topic related way. The last part also creates a solid response for the 2 questions in a manner that solidly establishes the 2 discussion paragraphs.

The first reasoning paragraph provides a good, solid, and clean 1st reason. A cohesive device that would have related the 2 topics smoothly in the paragraph was needed. The word " additionally" would have only been acceptable if the next reason related to the first. since it did not, then a transition sentence was required in that presentation. The same problem existed in the next paragraph. While a student will get a score for transition word usage, it will not be as high as when a transition sentence is used as it ffully increases the C + C for that paragraph.

For the conclusion, it is better to actually use a reverse paraphrase of about 3-5 sentences. That way the miter can display his comprehension and writing skills to the fullest.
OP miller_3107 1 / 1  
Jul 17, 2021   #3
Thanks a lot for your advice. It is helpful for me to seriously take my writing skill into account.

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