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Why "discovery" is important for me

znb_jln 1 / 1  
Oct 13, 2020   #1

What matters most to me?

If you ask me what is the most important in my life, i'll say discovery.why? because by discovery i can realize the structure of sth and figure out what sth really is.

When your studying your lessons if you discover the relationships, circuits and the mechanisms you'll learn more and memorize much better.
Discovery is not important per se, it's important when you apply it for your work in progress.
You can virtually account discovery as a tool for success.

Hannah Robjn 3 / 8  
Oct 13, 2020   #2
You really need to work hard on a lot of things if you want to improve your writing skills. You use a lot of informal words, acronym and unnecessary capital.
Holt [Contributor] - / 9,758 3089  
Oct 14, 2020   #3
You are not writing a text message. You are not writing in shorthand. You are not writing in an academic manner. Any teacher who reads this will automatically fail you in the class. "sth" means something in text, but it does not mean anything in proper and formal English writing. Your essay sounds more like you are just trying to be sarcastic, focusing on just getting the work over with rather than actually trying to write something that you can be proud of because your teacher will give you a passing grade. Your lack of focus on the proper development and content of this essay is clearly non-existent. Your presentation does not have any essence, thought process, or proper discussion presentation. This is a joke that no English teacher will ever take seriously.
OP znb_jln 1 / 1  
Oct 14, 2020   #4
Thank you so much Holt😊☘💚
This was my first experience in writing.i try to apply your tips

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