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Discuss benefits of extracurricular activities to secondary school students

mai_anh_doan 1 / -  
Nov 12, 2022   #1

extracurricular activities positive effect to students

In this day and age, students not only acquire knowledge at school but also participate in extracurricular activities, which enables them to pursue their hobbies. In this essay, I will discuss the benefits of extracurricular activities to secondary school students.

To begin with, extracurricular activities are chances for pupils to broaden their minds about social things, besides subjects and theoretical lessons. Sitting in the class is likely to cause boredom, lack of interest, and applications of that subject in reality. For instance, a field trip encourages students to make use of what they have learned from educators. Furthermore, students can also gain practical experiences, soft skills, interpersonal skills under their belt. One widely accepted advantage of learning outdoors is that pupils feel at ease during the time they input the knowledge. A classic example is that in History, students should make their way to relics, historic places, or in Biology, they could pay a visit to the rainforests, organic farms.

On the other hand , nowadays, not only academic transcripts that vital but also the involvement of pupils in social work. Students are under pressure because there are high standards for them from there parents, instructors. Certificates awarded for enrolling in the campaigns, projects are what student these days are seeking for. The certificates show the abilities in different fields, students's passion, enthusiasm. This is in highly-demand in today modern world as everyone tries to become a global citizen. For example, at prestigious universities such as Havard, Stanford, Oxford,.. the authority assesses students profiles to have a look at their qualifications, degrees. It would be preferred if the students earn high scores on SAT, ACT or even have music certificates like Trinity, Ameb.

In conclusion, I strongly believe that extracurricular activities have many positive effect to students. Schools should involve more activities in the curricula since it inevitably play a great role in students's studying.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,430 4691  
Nov 13, 2022   #2
The student has not understood the meaning of an extra curricular activity. He has focused incorrectly on outside learning activities as covered by school curriculum such as field trips and other types of certification. All of which fall under academic learning, regardless of location.

An extra curricular activity is something that the student does for enjoyment that does not necessarily include formal learning as discussed in this essay. Examples of extra curricular activities are clubs, athletics, or hobbies. These are done outside of the school curriculum and are participated in during off school hourse such as weekends, holidays, or after school. Another term for extra curricular activities would be after school activities or any activity the person participates in that does not include any sort of school supervision or learning slant.

Based on this definition of extra curricular activities, the examiner will immediately understand that the writer did not understand the true meaning of the word. The writer had a different concept of the word meaning that does not apply to the discussion. Therefore, there will no choice on the examiner's part but to give a failing score to this essay due to an irrelevant discussion presentation.

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