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Discuss the causes of this phenomenon: In general, people are living longer now.

linh202 11 / 23  
Jul 11, 2011   #1
In general, people are living longer now. Discuss the causes of this phenomenon. Use specific reasons and details to develop your essay.

Unlike the ancient time, the great inventions and rapid development of human society assist people to live longer than their ancestors. From my perspective, there is a remarkable rise in our life expectancy because of the improvement of medical care, convenient services and the appearance of new technology.

First and foremost, the progress in medical center is the lifeblood of long life. Undoubtedly, various kinds of medicines and treatments play a crucial role in improving our health. For example, a patient who has lung cancer which is a fatal disease can live longer than he expects owing to the chemotherapy and taking helpful medicines. What's more, the advance of medicine helps people get rid of some hazardous diseases that are unable to be cured in the past such us rabies and smallpox. Especially, many children today have vaccine to avoid several epidemics and infectious diseases. Also, the investment in building hospitals allows us to have more access to a periodical check-up.

Secondly, the betterment of technology and machine brings about a comfortable life. People no longer wash clothes by hand, send letters by pigeons or go to work on foot. The existence of modern products enables us to have more time for recreation. Driving car to the office may cost us a big amount of money for petrol, but we do not have to breathe the noxious gases and be prevented from the rain. Furthermore, the manual workers do not need to work much like before because of the assistance of the machines. That is why many people do not hesitate to pursue those beneficial machines instead of the drawback equipment in order to protect their health.

Last but not least, the abundant kinds of services meet our demand of entertainment and relax. Doing exercise in the gymnasium is a good habit which can help us to keep fit and release stress. Not only the youngster but also the elderly regularly play sports so as to stretch their muscles. For example, my mother usually gets up at four am to do aerobics, so she is always full of energy and feel healthy. In addition, lots of spas which have different sorts of services such as massage and sauna are set up to care for our beauty and health.

In a nutshell, the reasons which I mentioned above play an important part in human's longevity. Maybe the drastic development partly haves a bad affect on us, but the advantages of those advances outweigh the disadvantages.
isabellaclaudia 14 / 31  
Jul 12, 2011   #2
hello, I like the elaboration of your essay. its a great essay, but i just note some words that bothers me.

'betterment'- i dont know if there is such word but i may also be wrong :)
meet our demands of entertainment and relaxation.
Maybe the drastic development do impose negative impacts on us, but the advantages of development in technology far outweigh the disadvantages.

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