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Discuss and critique how the revised Ofsted inspection framework have impacted safeguarding EYFS

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Oct 11, 2014   #1
Early years foundation stage is a very significant stage for all children as it enhances their readiness for school and prepares them for their future learning and attainments. At a consultation meeting in London, Sir Michael Wilshire said, research has also proved that children's early years are a period of rapid development and vital for building a secure foundation for future personal and academic success. This finding is a firm indication of the significance of the recent changes to Ofsted (Office for Standards in Education, Children's Services and Skills) inspection framework. The revised Ofsted inspection framework has literally enhanced how childcare providers support the safe guarding of children in early years setting. Although there are arguments to be made in support of this, there is a stronger point of view that feels that the revised inspection framework cannot eradicate the abuse of children, as will now be discussed.

Under the new inspection regime inspectors will to see to it that all childcare providers have verified DBS (Disclosed and Barring Service) checks to ensure that all members of staff are safe to work with children. Ofsted saw the need to revise the early years inspection framework because of the discovery of many flaws in the previous one. In regards to safe guarding of children, Ms Gregory explained that the number of setting which failed to do DBS checks on their staff in the past was shocking. The fact that a DBS check is a basic requirement should not be taken for granted by anyone who has been assigned to perform this task. Failure to acknowledge DBS checks on every staff as crucial could have serious implications.

Ms Gregory again emphasised the need to do DBS checks on all staffs. She believes it makes things safer for children. B.F. Skinner (1904- 1990) believes that children learn because they want the approval people. If everybody is made aware of what Mrs Vanessa George did to children in her care in the past, no one in his right mind will let his child learn anything from her. This lady from Plymouth was jailed in 2009 for sexually abusing and taking indecent images of children in her care for a man he befriended on the internet. This horrific incident happened at Little Ted Day Nursery and as a result it was closed down by Ofsted. DBS checks will send alarm bells ringing if Mrs George makes any attempt to work with children again.

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Oct 15, 2014   #2
Strunk and White say it is a nice writing style if you use a comma to separate the two halves of a compound sentence. To practice that, you can put a comma before 'as'... in the first sentence, 'as' is a little like a conjunction (but arguably it is not).

Also, I hate the word 'very'... the word very is a totally unhelpful and unnecessary modifier. Strunk and White say (and Stephen King agrees) that too many modifiers spoil the soup! That is not how they say it, but it's how I think of it. Adverbs and adjectives can reduce the poignancy of a nice, impressive, very intelligently expressed, powerful sentence. : )

Another strategy for a great writing style: Always use a noun after the word 'this' so the reader has an easy, effortless flowing experience with no confusion. So, for example:

Although there are arguments to be made in support of this idea , there is a stronger point of view...

I really like the way you use unconventional sequences and structure in your sentences! Sometimes you will need to use short sentences, though, to help people deeply understand. Small bites, just like healthy eating.

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