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Discuss the merits and dismerits of online learning among students in the context of COVID 19.

myphan123456 1 / -  
Nov 17, 2021   #1

online learning evaluation

Against the backdrop of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, online learning has been widely introduced to solve the problem of schooling disruptions. Personally, I subscribe to the belief that the benefits of such a development absolutely overshadow the downsides.

On the one hand, there are a multitude of merits that online learning confers on students. In the first place, the introduction of online learning helps maintain education. In the face of the pervasive spread of COVID-19 leading to many schools and colleges' close-down, learning via the Internet allows students to continue their incomplete study in the safest way. Secondly, online education also assists pupils in building up essential skills. As students stay at home and study without the teacher's strict supervision, they are required to form their awareness of self-study in order to maintain good scholastic performance and not to miss out on lessons given by their teachers. Furthermore, they also need to learn about time management and computer literacy so as to facilitate their learning process.

On the other hand, the drawbacks of this development cannot be neglected. Firstly, on account of the freedom to start learning at any time during the day, online learning makes it easier for students to procrastinate, which is likely to give rise to low educational quality. However, this drawback can be eliminated with stricter surveillance of parents and teachers. Secondly, online learning does not ensure equally-dispersed opportunities of education for all kinds of students. To demonstrate, there are some impoverished pupils whose parents cannot afford expensive digital gadgets, so they are certainly unable to keep on their study as other privileged peers. It is beyond dispute that such a method of education may arouse some kind of unfairness among school attenders during this period of time. Nonetheless, those students could join with their peers who can afford a device and study together, which enables them to get exposure to online lessons as equally as others and even .

In conclusion, online learning conspicuously brings both merits and demerits to students. Nonetheless, I highly believe that the advantages of it absolutely eclipse the disadvantages for all aforementioned explanations.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 12,000 3875  
Nov 18, 2021   #2

As this is an advantage versus disadvantage discussion, you are not obliged to give a personal opinion. In fact, you are well advised to avoid such a perspective reference as this is not a task requirementin this essay as it would have been in an agree or disagree or personal opinion essay. This will bea task deduction from the applicable sectional score. A general discussion reference is what is needed here.

Furthermore, they also need to learn

This reference should not have been included in this paragraph anymore. The writer failed to properly develop the topic focus,which affected the cohesiveness of the paragraph negatively. What should have been used instead is a transition paragraph that effectively introduces the next paragraph topic.

It is beyond dispute

Actually, there are some who will dispute this claim. Such personal opinion references must be avoided in the A V. D essays because of its non-requirement in the discussion. A neutral tone mustbe used throughout.

Nonetheless, I highly believe that

I assume you already understand why your opinion does not matter in this essay right?

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