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Discuss about punishment which help children learn about the difference between right and wrong

huyen25 1 / -  
Apr 17, 2020   #1

punishment to teach distinction between right and wrong?

Adults have to teach children how to recognize the variousness between good example and bad example as they still a child. The mount of people believe that the way to help them learn this difference is chastising. In my opinion, I totally disagree with this idea and I would demonstrate it in below paragraphs.

Undoubtedly, there are some main reasons to belief that people had better use speech rather than violence. First and for most, kids just are able to repair their mistakes when they understand it clearly. By that I mean, words and gentle method could help children bear in mind and identify their faults on behalf of punishing them which just make them be scared and reserved. Nowadays, according to the host of parents in the world, they spend their time explaining about the result for their son when they make a mistakes in a regular basis or use some method without violence, such as they require their children keep silent during a time or not watching television all day. Secondly, chastisement is not the only way to make them realize this difference. In other work, they are able to choose some movies or comedies which are a good content to educate children. Parents would show the causes and the sequences of characters in movies or comedies if they had a bad habits. Recently, the host of entertainments have a trend to produce many films about good practice in the society.

Besides, abusing punishment too much could have a heavy effect on their thinking. In the past, parents often use it too much, which just make them more frightened even detest their family. Furthermore, it not until influence negatively children's mental health but also change their behavior in the future. For example, some child who are castigated regularly have a trend to protest adults.

Once again, I strongly believe that people should not use punishment to help them learn the distinction between right and wrong. On the other hand, speech and light method are a good way to make them recognize.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 15043 4827  
Apr 17, 2020   #2
There is a formatting problem with your response essay. Based on the original prompt, it appears that the response outline for the paraphrase is:

- Topic
- Reason
- Extent response
- Type of parent punishment
- Type of teacher punishment

The direct questions asked in this prompt:

- To what extent do you agree to punish a kid to teach him/ her something important?

- What kind of punishment do you think parents and teachers can use?

Need to be responded to with a topic sentence, singular, that will help you outline your reasoning paragraphs discussions as:

- Explanation of your disagreement.It should be combined response for the punishments you experienced from your parents and teachers. Explanation can be based on your personal (first person pronoun singular usage) experiences and the outcome of such punishment on you as a child / person. The first person singular reference point is required because the questions ask what "YOU" think and what punishments "YOU" might suggest. When directly asked to respond, the first person reference is required as a part of your sentence structure presentation.

- Your suggested alternative punishment coming from parents
- Alternative punishment coming from teachers

After which, the conclusion should summarize the discussion with:
- Topic sentence
- Repeat your measured response
- alternative punishment 1
- alternative punishment 2
- Closing sentence

Your essay is not focused on the discussion. It is too scattered in presentation and omits certain discussion points that are required for the proper presentation of the discussion in your essay. Next time, make sure you appropriately respond to the prompt requirements. Make sure you respond per topic to the given discussion points.

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