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Discuss both view about learning with teacher and learn by internet

vannhan 1 / -  
Nov 19, 2021   #1

the best way of learning

Today society, a number of people think that teacher are crucial for education. Many people say that student can be learn more things than learning with teacher. I partially agree with these both views because they all make sense. On the one hand, I think that traditional way of learning which have an interaction between students and teachers are really effective. By this way of learing, students can ask teacher something that they can solve by themselve. The more older teacher the more experiences that student can learn from them. When someone have a good tutor in their way of learning, they can use the knowlegde that they learn from their teacher confidently because the teacher have a lot of experience can make sure that their knowledge are true. However, it is undeniable that learning from internet and television also productively. A lot of knowledge in the internet that it even never exist in the school or a lecture of teacher. it probably betwice as effect as learning with teacher. But this way of learning just have well-qualified for good awareness person. A lot of students just use internet for entertainment purposes such as playing game, listen to music or stuff like that.

In conclusion, demands of learning is really essential for students nowaday and they can choose the way of learning by their own. Both way of learning are good for a lot of kind of students and it's all help students can be get knowledge esier.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 12,000 3875  
Nov 20, 2021   #2
This is a failing essay had this been an actual test. The prompt restatement + personal opinion is tremendously confusing. Where is the restatement for each public opinion? These should be provided in 2 individual sentences. Why is your opinion leased on an extent response when you are not writing an extent essay? It is also more difficult to understand your discussion as you have not used the paragraph writing format to divide your discussion topics. The discussion requires 3 reasoning paragraphs or, 2 reasoning paragraphs that provide your opinion for each public discussion. From what I have read, none of the writing format requirements were met by your presentation.

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