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IELTS Task 2: Discuss both views: IS MATHEMATICS REDUNDANT?

HelenN 5 / 10 3  
Jun 25, 2021   #1
Some parents believe that learning mathematics at school is redundant and should not be taught while others believe that it should remain a foundational subject whether or not it is used later in life.

Discuss both views.

Whether or not to teach mathematics at school has been spurring acute controversy for a long time. While some parents opine about math as an impractical and superfluous subject, other parents contend that it holds a pivotal part of education and must remain compulsory in the school curriculum for its wide range of applications. This essay analyzes both points of view in-depth.

Many parents deem that the role of mathematics in education became more obsolete and irrelevant. Due to the booming of the computer age, we derive benefits from the fascinating application of automated procedures to tackle complex mathematical-related problems. Aloof of conceptual math, the interference of machinery demonstrates the unnecessity of mathematical skills and statistical savvy when every calculation from simple additions to complicated derivatives are decipherable by computers. The interference of automatic calculation is attributable to the notion that mathematics is merely an ancient subject that needs to be removed from the syllabus.

In contrast to parents who wish to cease teaching math in classes, others affirm their opposition to the aforementioned perspective. Mathematics benefits students intellectually despite hand calculations and train problems becoming redundant. It is true that a student, who is competent in mathematics, performs excellent problem-solving skills and sharp quantitative thinking compared to a student who is mediocre at math. A good deal of research has explained this by pinpointing out how doing math can recruit certain regions more reliably and increase gray volume in those regions. For that reason, many parents firmly believe that mathematics is a crucial subject at school.

In conclusion, the argument about excluding mathematics from the school curriculum has been going to the climax. Several parents perceive it as outdated and impractical, while other parents maintain that math should remain mandatory at school. This essay examined various reasons why parents hold these perspectives and whether mathematics should stay or remove from the school studies.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 12,261 3976  
Jun 29, 2021   #2
The essay is a bit over the ideal 300 word maximum essay. The writer tried, but failed to portray a higher than average level of English vocabulary by using misplaced advanced jargon to the point were some sentences presented were already gibberish. The task 2 essay is scored on the proper way a student uses everyday English words in a discussion.

The task 1 essay is the one that normally benefits from more profession related word usage. The task 2 essay suffers score-wise with every incomplete thought presentation, every incomplete sentence written, every word used improperly (out of actual meaning / word definition). This essay unintentionally committed these mistakes.

It over-intellectualized an otherwise simple discussion and confused the reader over several sentence presentations. It is wordy but not properly developed in terms of thought presentation or writing.
Joycelai 2 / 4  
Jul 1, 2021   #3
The word choosing is over the general level of IELTS taking students, which may not be the ideal outcome that examiner wants to see. It's good to try to use difficult words but turned out to be eloquence accidentally.

The writer can try to utilize basic words but develop complete ideas in the essay, it would save more time and score higher.

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