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'TV disease' - How do movies or television influence people's behavior?

mihayliuk 1 / -  
Sep 18, 2011   #1
During the all our history people always had different issues which affected negatively on our development. In our past, it was wars or unknown diseases which made our progress much slower

.Today people face new global problem which from my opinion is very serious and can be compared with the most dangerous disease.
In this essay I will provide some reasons why television is becoming a global problem and will try to offer some solutions.

Today, television became part of our life and it seems impossible without it. Many people spending a lot of time in front of this box, watching all that comes from it instead of reading the books which is from my opinion better way to find interesting and useful information and become smart and intelligent person with beautiful inner world . Unfortunately people start forgetting read the books and now they prefer cheap talk shows and reality shows .Eventually we get new generation with poor imagination and desire to do nothing.

One more important aspect of this problem is strong someone's desire to influence on people's mind through the television. It can be a company with a new product which needs to be advertised. They try to convince you that this is what you really need and if you see it ten times per day at the end you will buy it.

Also TV is a good weapon of any government. A lot of channels are belong to political parties. If they need to destroy someone's reputation it is enough just to make a piece of reporting and show it on TV. Most of the people will believe this information since their weak brain which is influenced by reality shows will not be able to detect truth from lie.

Finally it is harmful to watch any news form the TV because of the negative information. I read an article about different news reports and people's reaction on it. It says that people don't react so active on positive news rather than incident or disasters. It explains why most of the news are negative. It also explains why people today are so stressed an aggressive. It is due to the TV shows and news reports which make us weak and vulnerable.

To protest this TV disease I have rejected TV in my apartment and I don't watch any news. If I need to know some certain information which will not destroy my brain I will check it online. I still reading the books and feel more confident.

zztrieuman 3 / 4 1  
Mar 30, 2014   #2
the advent of television

I cannot understand "advent", what does it mean??? Did you mean "appearance" or "invention" instead of "advent"

the television series or movies are mainly created to enjoy people's life

Are you joking me??? Television ENJOY people's life. in my opinion, you should write "lives" instead of "life".
sayes 8 / 12 1  
Mar 31, 2014   #3
1.instead of addition to that,it will be better if you write in addition to that
2.from above mentioned channel
3.good things to the society

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