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Distance learning as a new trend in education

bagusprabowoaji 2 / 2  
Jun 19, 2014   #1
In today's advanced technology world, students have option to choose whether they want learning in distance by using computer or attending traditional school. Each alternative has advantages and disadvantages. In my views, learning through computer or internet can be more effective than the traditional ones.

Since advanced technology overwhelm world, society is getting closer with computer. People tend to use computer or mobile device to interact with others. This condition can be used to change the way of people in getting education. Previously, students get some course by attending school class. They meet the teacher and get some explanation about materials directly. However, in some case it will be difficult to be performed. For example, when storm or extreme climate changes happen, students are reluctant going to school. This condition will affect education process. Moreover, pupils can leg the course or lose their time to study. By using computer technology, learning process still can be done through distance such as at home. This will eliminate an obstacle which sometimes facing the students in completing their study.

The using of computer technology also increases numbers of students. Recently, many schools or universities offer online course to the students, it's called MOOC (Massive Open Online Course). By using MOOC, students coming around the world can take course provided by college that they desire. For example, I enroll MOOC provided by University of California Berkeley since a year ago through edx There are many learners coming from different countries joining this course. We get explanation about the lesson by watching videos provided by the professor. Furthermore, we conduct some task and examination to obtain a certificate of completion.

Distance learning give opportunity for the students and lecturers to conduct other activities or project. In my country, some of students and lecturers have their own business that must be completed during education process. For example, students having foods business should stay in their shop to service customer, so that they can gain money to pay the school. Lectures should conduct some research to full fill their competency in making journals and books. This condition cannot be done if they have to attend class like traditional school. On the other hand, by performing distance learning they will have chance to finish their activities at the same time.

In conclusion, distance learning by using computer can be a solution for people to gain knowledge in more effective way. It also can help the students and lecture to do some tasks simultaneously and create more opportunity for students in different places in getting course from the best college.

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