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distance learning and online computer classes should replace classroom lear

Asselya /  
Dec 16, 2008   #1
Nowadays every person should be intelligent and knows the latest news, however many of us do not have much time. That is why to get knowledge today not so big problem, because you have many universities that allows graduating this university by distance learning. In my opinion if person has no time or less money, the distance learning or online learning is good alternative to classroom learning.

Firstly because, as I wrote it is economize money. For example while I was preparing for toefl ibt, I found many sites and forums that helps to people to get information and knowledge free. Maybe some ones thing that it is not good way to learn English, but I can say that online tutor or moderator help to you as much as they can, moreover they are very polite. It is hard to realize but they are interested to help to people to get knowledge.

Secondly, it is economize time. For example, people who have family and work can not afford studding for another several years, because it takes not only all your energy, but the most important time. And of course every company is interested in worker who always innovates his or her knowledge. There is only one solution in this situation graduate the university by distance learning. All you need it is only to come to exams to university. Again if you did not understand something you just can find forum or site that is specialized in it.

In conclusion, I would prefer distance learning and online computer classes to classroom learning, because I can get information from other source such us internet, because internet is good alternative to library. I believe that in the nearest future, when internet will be more developed, people will get knowledge only by the internet.
EF_Kevin 8 / 13,321 129  
Dec 17, 2008   #2
Well, in your work there were a lot of mistakes. It's the way you think that is excellent!

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