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IELTS Writing Task 2 (About the distance-learning programs)

DavidFeng 1 / -  
Sep 23, 2017   #1
Essay 1:
Many people use distance-learning programs (study material post, TV, Internet, etc.) to study at home, but some people think that it cannot bring the same benefits of attending college or university. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion?

online education for students

Nowadays, an increasing number of students use distance-learning programs. However, whether taking distance courses can bring the same benefits as attending college. I agree with the view that students can get more benefits from distance education than traditional education.

First, online education enables students to study at their own place. This means that students can study whenever and wherever they want. Students can make the best use of their time studying knowledge and skills which are they need. What is different from traditional, students do not need to stay in the classroom, and they can save many times which could be used to do something else. Therefore, it is important to encourage the development of online education.

In addition, technology can make lessons much more interesting. For example, 3D technology has become a hot topic after the movie Avatar made the whole world crazy, and it also is used in online education now. The using of high technology in distance-learning programs makes online lessons more interesting and more interactive than college's lessons. Students who take this lessons will put all their heart into it.

However, that is not to say that universities can not bring any benefits to students. Of course, universities cannot provide structured courses that many technological educate cannot provide with. But I still believe that online education systems will become more and more reasonable.

In summary, online education can bring more benefits to the students and society, and that will be a trend of the future education. Meanwhile, we should not ignore the importance of traditional education. Only by doing so can we create the best educational environment for the next generation.

Holt [Contributor] - / 9,017 2713  
Sep 23, 2017   #2
Wei, this is an essay discussion that requires you to deliver an emotional response to the "extent" discussion. That means, you need to use adjectives or descriptive words in order to highlight the degree of your agreement or disagreement with the given topic. Some of the adjectives you can use are strongly, partially, totally, to a certain extent, and other similarly themed words. Depending upon the degree of the adjective that you use, you may or may not need to discuss one or 2 opinions in the essay. In this instance, you said that you simply agree with the statement. That is a partially incorrect response as it lacks the descriptive adjective to make it a valid prompt response. Since you used the singular form of agreement, you should not have discussed 2 points of view in the essay. You should have only discussed one. The only time that you can discuss 2 sides of the issue in support of your agreement or disagreement with a given statement is when you use the term "partially" or "to a certain extent" in order to describe your agreement or disagreement with the statement. Based upon this error, the essay may be said to have only partially discussed the prompt requirements and should receive a barely passing score in an actual setting.

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