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Division of schools in the United States. TOEFL integrated essay

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Feb 9, 2016   #1
Hey, I am waiting for your comments even though I am not satisfied with this essay :( :)

Summarize the main points in the lecture, explaining how they cast doubt on the ideas in the reading passage.
(160 words)

The write explains the division of schools in the United States. However, the professor explores the disadvantages of this system.

First of all, the author points out that graded schools in the US, which are influenced by the European system of school organization, starts with primary grades in which students start studying at the age of five or six years. The professor disagrees with this politic because it does not respect the differentiation of individuals. Additionally, he explains that at this age some students are not mature enough and they are not ready for learning.

Another point is, as the reading passage states, students who fail in meeting some requirements of a particular grade are asked to repeat the year. However, the professor sees this as unfair for them because they have to repeat the whole year because of one or two requirements. He asserts that this can make students feel boring which leads them to get lower scores.

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