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Essay on Divorce Rates in Canada

sarahmk 26 / 56  
Jun 22, 2008   #1
Can you help me with my spelling and grammar? Also can you help me with the bold parts--to fix them up? thanks soo much

The State of Divorce in Canada: Why individuals are choosing to have a divorce, rather than finding another method to make the marriage work?

Hypothesis: The divorce rates will continue to increase in Canada

EF_Team5 - / 1,610  
Jun 25, 2008   #2
"The State of Divorce in Canada: Why individuals are choosing to have a divorce, rather than finding another method to make the marriage work?

Hypothesis: Canadian divorce rates continue to increase

Literature Review: Marriage is the socially, religiously, and legally recognized union that is acknowledged as connecting two individuals together in mind as well as in spirit. Even though marriage has always been identified as something genuine, Canadians are now undergoing complex changes relating to the increasingly high rate of yearly divorces. The primary reasons for individuals deciding to have a divorce, or "dissolution" of marriage, involves individual career choices, financial problems, or adultery. The reality of this problem is the importance of marriage is now being lost, due to individuals constantly relying on divorces to solve their marital problems.

The Divorce Act of 1986 replaced the previous Divorce Act by modifying the laws and regulations when having a divorce. The period of separation was reduced to one year, as well as it introduced the "no fault" divorce, meaning "...most divorce applications to the courts are no longer contested". Divorce laws vary; an individual who wishes to be granted a divorce must have lived separate from their spouse for one year with the idea that their marriage was over.

When an individual is granted the opportunity to divorce their spouse, it results in two parties testifying and batting for particular entitlements such as property or even for custody of their children. This common practice was once only allowed to be solved with the involvement of court officials, but now a divorce can be made over the internet or even by purchasing a kit at a local library. This is making it easier to obtain a divorce, as forty percent of marriages in Canada now end in divorce, implying one third of Canadian marriages are unsuccessful.

Currently the country who has the most divorces annually is the United States, who have 4.95 divorces per 1,000 people, which denotes fifty percent of Americans divorce yearly. Sir Lanka finished last, with 0.15 divorces per 1,000 people, compared to Canada who has 2.46 divorces per 1,000 people. In other nations, marriage is viewed as something sacred and essential, so it is rare to see individuals divorcing in countries that are predominantly governed by religious beliefs, such as Afghanistan and India.

A motive that may encourage an individual to file for divorce could involve the career their spouse is in, especially in cases of males who feel inferior to their wives who have exceptional careers. Other cases include those where one partner has committed adultery and the other partner can not forgive, as well as cases of abuse. The new rules also make it easier for women to file for divorce compared to in the past, when (the past is a time, not a place) it was difficult for a woman to support herself without having to rely on a male for assistance.

Divorces will continue to increase, as a substantial proportion of couples will continue to divorce in Canada.This is a circular statement: divorces will continue to rise because more people are getting divorced because there are more divorces...not a very good place to find yourself in. Either tell us why this is happening (it is more socially acceptable, etc) or remove the sentence completely. Marriage was once viewed as something sacred and spiritual, yet in the twenty first century, marriage seems to have lost its significance. The causes of individuals divorcing will continue to vary, no matter if it has to do with adultery,lack of communication, or bigamy.This is the first time you mention either of these; either mention them earlier in the essay and then discuss them in some depth, or remove this sentence. As it is, it is a hanging sentence, in that it has nothing to do with the other parts of your essay. These circumstances will contribute to an increasing rate of divorce in Canada, for individuals will continue to rely on divorces as being an accessible method to help them leave a marriage they no longer feel comfortable in.

Background or rationale of the project: To investigate the many reasons why more individuals are now choosing to have a divorce than to get married.This is another statement you do not mention at all in your essay until now; another hanging sentence. The information above demonstrates that divorces in North America are increasing. The United States has 4.95 divorces per 1,000 people, compared to Canada who has 2.46 divorces per 1,000 people. It appears marriage is now seen as a "barrier", rather than a religious union, where two individuals stay together and work through their problems.How? You have not mentioned this previously? This investigation will look at the many reasons why individuals are choosing to have a divorce.


- If there is a method we can use to help decrease the divorces occurring in CanadYou have not mentioned this in the essay previously; another hanging sentence. a

- Does the lifestyle of individuals-their job, friends, and family, etc. cause marriages to end?

Experimental design and methods:
- Conducting interviews: I would conduct in-depth interviews asking questions such as, "Why choose divorce as an option? Did you feel getting a divorce was your only option? Did you feel getting a divorce was your only alternative?" Throughout the interview I would try to find out if they chose to have a divorce simply because of personal reasons, such as their career choices, etc. or did they had serious problems, such as being abused, adultery, etc.

- Questionnaires: By having individuals who are not married answer questionnaires I could discover if the increasing rate of divorce is influencing society to not get married. I would also want to identify if marriage in society is still seen as a religious and spiritual union that brings together two individuals, or just a "waste of time".

This research will demonstrate an understanding about why individuals who are married are choosing to have a divorce than to try counseling or other alternatives that could save their marriage.

Benefits of the study: Divorces are increasing in society making it the "norm." Society is forgetting about the damage divorce does to individuals, especially children that are effected by their parents going their separate ways. By finding out why marriages are failing, we can come up with a solution so that families will no longer have to separate. In today's society, the word "marriage" no longer has meaning. Society is now experiencing broken homes, resulting in single mothers and fathers that experience financial difficulties and raising their children alone. We are in desperate need of finding an answer to why divorces are continuing to increase, so we can immediately stop this problem.

Resources and costs: To conduct this research I would need excess to a video camera and a tape recorder for when I am interviewing divorcees or individuals thinking about divorce. I would also need money to travel across Canada to conduct these interviews. The total amount of money I would need is an estimated $7,500."

Make sure you compare this and the last one closely for punctuation and spelling changes.

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