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What can be done to reduce the use of cars? SEVERAL EXAMPLES OF INTRODUCTION

Many people depend on their cars for everyday domestic, social, and working needs. However, unlimited use of cars causes a number of problems.
What are some of these problems?
What can be done to reduce the use of cars?

In these days, it is essential for us to use cars because cars are able to bring people for the destination. However, using cars occurs to many problems and we have to deal with solution in my idea.

Many people take benefit to going to destination directly without rain and snow, while it takes much time for destination because of traffic jam. For instance, too many cars cause the jam and it takes 15 minutes for advancing 500 meters in many big cities. It is one of the weak point that people cannot calculate the transportation time exactly. Moreover, air pollution is occurred by cars and a lot of cars are driven by gasoline. Carbon dioxide causes to greenhouse effect and there is a problem that temperature is increasing, so too many cars had bad influence on the earth.

I suggest the solution that cars should regulate in the center of cities. In this area, the road is narrow because there are many buildings, so the traffic jam happens to if the cars cannot move. In fact, the means of transportation is bus and train within sightseeing area. In consequence, air pollution and traffic jam reduce due to regulation cars for the city. The problem can solve if users of car alternate by means of bus and train.

To sum up, it is useful for us to use cars but we have the problem of traffic jam and air pollution. Regulating car in the city results in reducing these problems.

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Hi Naoki, let me you a hand, this is my some suggestions for you. I hope it will develop your writing skill

1. Let me give you some different idea about the introduction
In these days, it is essential for us to use ...
Nowadays, the demand of personal vehicles increase sharply. Most of them use it to help in daily access such transport to work and domestic trip. However there also drawbacks for these. In my opinion, the goverments should make some new regulations in order to demote this problem.

I hope it is helpful.. Please recheck it again ...
Keep writing :)
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