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ESSAY: Downloading songs and books is considered a crime. Do you agree or disagree?

tianangbandem 1 / -  
Aug 19, 2017   #1

getting songs and books from internet

Every now and then, copyright has always a controversial topic of great public interests and concerns. In modern world, it even becomes more serious when people argue that it is illegal to download songs and books from the Internet. As far as I am concerned, I totally agree with this point of view because of these following essential reasons.

First of all, it is absolutely worthy for musicians and authors to earn a large amount of money which is a reward for their dedication. As a result, the money they earn would be their great motivation to continue to compose more and more creative works. According to a recent report of Billboard News, 90 percent of musicians are struggling against websites contains free-download songs.

Secondly, making a payment on intellectual products means that you esteem their owners. For example, after reading introductions about an e-book and finding it interesting, you may decide to buy it in order to show your gratitude to the writer who dedicate to such an excellent book for readers, including yourself. In contrast, you will become ungrateful because of reading unpaid e-books.

Moreover, some people claim that releasing free songs and books may pave the way for drawing a great deal of listeners and readers' attraction effectively. Those who are not willing to pay even a little money for entertainment may freely download and share such works to the others. However, these people accidentally or intentionally show their disrespect to the writers and launch them on a path of giving up their career.

In conclusion, Internet users that try to get songs and books without paying should be punished by laws because of copyright infringement. I always have a dream of a civilized society where the government take actions so that all composers are well-paid worthily.

Holt - / 7,528 2001  
Aug 19, 2017   #2
Nguyen, this is a very well developed discussion of a controversial topic. Your statements have made a mark on the reader and you have successfully argued your point of view. However, your concluding statement still contains additional information and opinions regarding the issue that do not belong at the close of the essay. These additional information require more paragraph development and build-up and as such, cannot be passed off as a closing statement or paragraph to the examiner. These information require you to continue the discussion of the given topic in a separate paragraph. You have to remember that the academic rule regarding concluding statements stands in these essays. That means, no new information may be introduced at the close of an essay because you will not be able to accurately develop the additional information within the remaining paragraph requirement. A simple summary of the discussion is what is required to close the essay. When you do not meet this criteria, your TA score will be largely affected in the final consideration.

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