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Dressing in school uniforms indeed prompt students to learn well

memory9711 2 / -  
Jul 7, 2014   #1
School uniforms are various in Singapore nowadays.most schools required students to wear school uniforms every day. some students strike up for the advantages of wearing school uniforms while others complain much about the adverse affect of students. the topic that if wearing a school uniform a wonderful things or a annoyed problem charge up in the school. unquestionably,wearing school uniforms limits teenager's to show their own personality and makes them uncomfortable. yet i strongly believed that the advantages of dressing in school uniforms beyond a lot than the disadvantages. it gives pupils a sense of identity and encourages good discipline.

first and foremost, one of the reasons that people stand up for wearing school uniforms is that school uniform is a sense of identity.school uniform is a representative of a school. people are able to identify which school the students come from.their behaviors will affect school's image directly. for instance,if a student in their school uniform do a volunteer job in the community,people must acclaim that the school is good.if a student did a unethical conduct, he may take a toll on the school's reputation as well.further more,school uniforms can strength team or school bonds as well.in some inter-school competition,students recognize their schoolmates by the school uniforms, they thus unite to win the games.

besides, wearing school uniforms encourages good discipline.as they grow up, students become more stylish. they would like to spend much time on choosing clothes in order to make them special. sometimes, they may dress improperly. as a result,schools rule that students should wear school uniforms everyday to avoid these things happen. wearing school uniforms not only make students dress as students, but also discrimination. students thus won't tease others in the school or ask parents' to buy clothes,which are white elephants. if all the matters are reduced, the discipline in the schools will be encouraged a lot.

on the other hand, some people may be against wearing school uniforms as the school uniforms are uncomfortable and ugly. they have to wear long trousers even in a hot summer and they have no opportunities to manifest their artistic fashion tastes and styles. however, schools are education places but not fashion shows. it is no need for the school to "foster" so-called "fashion tastes". "fashion" is not the only way to encourage students to have artistic talent, drawing, designing can also help it. further more, students can wear what ever they want during holidays, so their creativity cannot be killed.

in conclusion, i strongly believe that it is indispensable to wear school uniform. in spite of its disadvantages, dressing in school uniforms indeed prompt students to learn well.

Ulaai 3 / 40 25  
Jul 13, 2014   #2
Hi memory9711,
First of all, you need to pay attention to your punctuation. After period [.], you need to give a space [ ], and then start the next sentence with a capital letter. Writing every letters in smallcase is not right at all.

School uniforms are various in Singapore nowadays.most schools required students to wear school uniforms every day.

I don't know whether the prompt is limited only in Singapore, but if the topic is considerably used in all over the world, then you don't need to write 'Singapore'.

Nowadays, school uniforms has various types and models. Most schools require students to wear uniforms every day.

Honestly, I have a hard time reading your essay... my advice is try to read as many as possible essays on the Writing Feedback section. Reading other people's essays works for me a lot (and it is unbelievably helpful).

Hope it helps. Good luck! :)

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