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"Why you should drink wine daily" a proposal essay.

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Feb 12, 2020   #1

effects of wine Consumption

Despite the fact that many will argue that drinking wine daily isn't healthy many Americans continue to consume wine believing there are consequences. Consumption of wine is actually very beneficial to overall health of humans which is never discussed. Those benefits include but are not limited to a healthy heart, good cholesterol levels, and healthy brain function. This is a problem because these benefits should be publicly announced but instead hospitals and practitioners fear they would lose clientele. These many benefits should be known to the public especially those with leading disease that cause death.

Although there is much scientific evidence to support health benefits, people continue to steer clear of alcohol to avoid other possible issues. One of the main reasons everybody should consume wine in moderation is because it is beneficial to the health of adult's hearts. Some may ask, 'what is truly considered a moderate amount'? Well, according to Adda Bjarnadottir, "drinking one to two glasses of red wine each day may lower the risk of heart disease and stroke". To be exact, a glass of wine is referenced as a 5-ounce serving but may look like less or more based on the varying sizes of wine glasses. So, consuming 5- 10 ounces of wine can benefit your heart's health. Alcohol in large amounts is dangerous for the heart.

What exactly makes wine healthy is probably what you're thinking. Red wine has Resveratrol which is the key ingredient in most antioxidants. Resveratrol comes from the skin of grapes during fermentation and is shown to "help prevent damage to blood vessels, reduces low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (the 'bad' cholesterol) and prevents blood clots" (Mayo Clinic). This is especially beneficial for those at risk for bad cholesterol and blood clots. Red wines antioxidants prevent coronary artery diseases which is what is known to lead to higher rates of heart attacks.

Despite evident studies, people lack to be informed the good wine inhibits. Wine is known to improve the overall health of the heart. Recent studies have found that wine has the benefit to lower that chances of dying from forms of heart disease. "The association between moderate alcohol intake and lower risk of myocardial infarction [heart attack] has been studied in well-designed observational studies for nearly 50 years" (Kenneth Mukamal). Within these studies over decades, it is proven that "the risk factor for heart failure among the elderly consists of multiple cause including hypertension, diabetes, and obesity" (D. Dipak). This is important for those that are aged in the elder group because with age comes health issues of varying sorts.

Amongst those health concerns is high cholesterol. There is such a thing as good and bad cholesterol. Nobody wants to have bad cholesterol. That's why if you drink wine, good cholesterol is shown to improve. Good cholesterol is what protects humans from degenerative diseases. With good cholesterol comes a more stabilized blood pressure and improved BMI's. HDL "good" cholesterol help lower the risk of diabetes and effects blood clotting which is especially important the older you get because it serves as a blood thinner.

Although many will disregard the fact that wine is a blood thinner, it's hard to overlook evidence that wine helps reduce inflammation of the human brain. Inflammation of the brain is critical in concentration, and keeping the mind young. "The new study which appears in the journal Scientific Reports, shows that low levels of alcohol consumption tamp down inflammation and helps the brain clear away toxins, including those associated with Alzheimer's disease" (M. Michaud). Recent studies have shown that low intakes of wine help improve the mind's ability to remove waste. This is critical for those over the age of 50 as brains are likely to become more degenerative and we can lose focus and become forgetful. In a 2012 case, cerebral spinal fluid was pumped into the brain showing how waste was flushed away. This association showed the comparison to Alzheimer's disease. Referencing back to moderate consumption, another recent study showed how just 2 cups a day represented less inflammation on the brain than someone who didn't consume any wine. All it takes to improve your brain's ability is to enjoy a glass of wine. The choice is pretty clear here.

All of this evidence proves how wine is beneficial but what kind of wine is the real question. Although flavors of wine vary drastically across brands, it really gets narrowed down to red or white. If you're looking at calorie count then white wine is the way to go but, red wine is healthier for the heart because the antioxidant only comes from the skin of grapes contained in red wines.

Lastly, despite beer being the chosen adult beverage of choice in America, beer unfortunately has no health benefits other than to provide a buzz. Wine is the second leading choice of alcohol in America. Wine again, is the only spirit drink to contain resveratrol. All evidence is supported through testing not only on animals but humans as well.

Holt [Contributor] - / 8,598 2499  
Feb 13, 2020   #2
The proposal should offer an idea into how the topic will be discussed. This should be a compare and contrast essay that veers on the support of alcohol as a part of a healthy diet. The thesis statement in the essay requires more work and clarity. A background regarding how and why wine got a negative reputation would help create a more solid background for the discussion. Remember that wine has a historically positive point of view as a health tonic during ancient times. It is the ancient health beliefs that led to the discovery of the modern health benefits of wine. Then present a solid thesis statement that aims to prove the health benefits of drinking a moderate amount of wine.

Look at the way that you present the essay. You have way too many in-text citations in the essay which do not provide any information as to the source of the quote or paraphrase. You need to explain to the reader who the quote is from, why the position of this person make him an authority on the topic, and then explain your own reasons for supporting this piece of information. Try to avoid using quotes so you can focus on explaining your understanding of the information instead, while also building the authenticity and authority of the information source.

As a proposal essay, you have to present information that is up to date, accurate, and from verified / authoritative sources. I can't be sure about the references you are using in this essay because you did not include a reference list. Your sources seem to be authoritative at some points, but questionable for the most part because of the lack of proper in-text citations and introduction to the person.

The essay has potential. It is on the right track when it comes to persuading the reader to at least consider the health benefits of wine. While there is still a long research and discussion process involved in the finalizing of this paper, it has the kind of foundation that can be worked with to show improvement as more information is added to the research.

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