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Essay about duty in environmental problem

Rachel1809 1 / -  
Aug 8, 2019   #1
Topic: Individuals can do nothing to improve environment, only governments and large companies can make a difference.
To what extent do you agree or disagree?

who Can Help the most to Save the Environment?

It is a quite popular belief that the environmental problem can only be tackled by big organizations like authorities and giant corporations. In my view, I totally oppose this statement as every single person must have the responsibility to protect the earth - our mutual home.

I cannot deny that the governments and large businesses play an important role in the process of preserving the environment. In terms of administration, they can enforce some principles and prohibitions to prevent pessimistic human activities which are considered to be a burden to the natural surroundings. Regarding giant companies, they should do more research to manufacture environmentally-friendly products with recycled covers such as fabric, glass, instead of using plastic bag. In addition, they should make a change in reducing the exhausted fume they have released to the atmosphere. To take Singapore as an example, recognized as the cleanest city in the planet, whose governments has executed the laws to ban and punish any wrongdoings that have a bad impact on environment. It is obvious that governments and big corporations have their own duties to save the world surroundings from harm.

Human activities are the main cause of the depression of the environment and also the key factor to solve this problem. Everybody has to have a proper understanding of how their negative activities affect their surroundings, then, focus their good effort in taking some actions for the better world. For instance, with their certain cognition, the people can classify their household waste which can help to reduce some stages in disposal process. Moreover, it is better to commute by public transport than the private one because it can lead to the decline of toxic air that the earth has to shoulder.

To sum up, both authorities, large companies and civilians have the outstanding contribution to the business of preserving the environment. Personally, the close association between those organisations and the citizens is the best measure to address this worldwide problem effectively.

Please give me your feedback and the band score you think I deserve. Thanks.

Vickspring 1 / 3  
Aug 8, 2019   #2
Well, it's well written but I think I'll challenge your topic by saying that individuals have a vital role to play in saving the environment.

In Nigeria, individuals are working on evaluation of biogas production potential of animal wastes and other forms of wastes which will help reduce environmental pollutions like the release of anthropogenic substances by oil, chemical, agricultural and gas industries, and also assist in agricultural development through crop yield by the use of nutrient-rich digestate from the wastes.

Your write-up is nice but I think you should not channel your idea to a particular set of people.

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