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The Early Baby Dragons Comes From Incarceration That Related with Young Range

yurikeyuri 43 / 61 2  
Nov 16, 2016   #1
The young range is the most difficult stage of their life which changed from the elusive pink aquatic salamanders that hatched inside Slovenia's Postojna Cave about four months ago. Finally, it can conclude that the only one which known about the civilization is the baby dragons. It can be explained that they life range until 100 years old and the laying process is once or twice a decade, which their life in small community and in contaminated water.

Source : newscientist

Holt [Contributor] - / 8,788 2605  
Nov 16, 2016   #2
Yurike, there are certain errors in your summary. For example, the pink aquatic salamanders do not live in contaminated water. These sea creatures live in the drinking water coming from the Karst area. The summary said the people are protecting the waters because, aside from the pink salamanders living in it, they also get their drinking water there. The report said that the water cannot be contaminated because it would not only pollute the living quarters of the salamanders, but the people would not have any water to drink either.

I know that you are writing these essays under a time constraint but you need to learn that rushing through the essay and then submitting without double checking your information will cost you points in the exam. So you have to learn to time yourself, leaving enough time to double check your information before you hit the submit button. Remember, your information has to be accurate or you will fail the test due to wrong information and a clear misunderstanding of the English language. Your task accuracy will fail.

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