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The Earth is facing a huge environmental problem such as climate change

gauhar_tem 1 / -  
Apr 22, 2018   #1
Scientists and the news media are presenting ever more evidence of climate change. Governments ...

preventing further damage to the planet

From recent reports, the Earth faced a huge environmental problem such as climate change. However, governments do not want to take responsibility for protecting this planet saying "for prevent future damages each individual have to change their lifestyle". Is it right or not? I will discuss it in this essay. Firstly, there lot of actions that can be controlled only by governments such as, emission of greenhouse and toxic gasses from factories and industries that create the water, air and soil contamination . Also the government can encourage people to reduce engine vehicle fumes by riding on a bike, taking a bus or walking, that could led to declining of air pollution. Only by governments consent nonrenewable resources could be replaced by renewable such as, water, wind and sun power. They can help to create new clean technologies which will not pollute our world.

Secondly, all people should realize that all environmental issues made by human activities and they are responsible for it. Therefore, by changing daily lifestyle of people, the future damages could be prevented. For example, people can use less electricity, installing energy efficient technologies. Also each individual should reduce the waste disposal by human being. For instance, instead of littering the environment, waste should be ejected at trash container or recycling bin, this will lead to better and clean future.

In conclusion, by describing both sides' impact on environment and world protection, I firmly believe that cooperation of government and each individual will succeed in preventing further damage to the planet.
Wanyabanda 1 / 3  
Apr 24, 2018   #2
In your essay, you should clearly tell the control measures that government should use to reduce the future impact of climate change. What you have share are examples of control measures.

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