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Earth Runs Out of Natural Resources - Space exploring might be a good solution. IELTS 2

sharfina 35 / 21 5  
Feb 5, 2016   #1
As earth runs out of natural resources, we have started to look to space for solutions. However, some people argue that this is the wrong thing to do, and instead we should look for alternative solutions here on earth.

To what extent do you agree with them?

What alternatives might there be to exploiting space for natural resources

Earth's natural resources in the planet are running out. Some people argue that we should begin looking to space for solution, while others believe that this is inappropriate action and we have to look for alternative one in the earth. I do believe that the latter notion is a better way rather than the former one.

Needless to say, natural resources in the earth will soon be entirely depleted due to a population exceeding seven billion and continuously climbing. Some scientists argue that one of solutions is search resources outside the earth, such as space. space consists of Asteroids containing rich sources of fossil fuels. A study carried out by David Bugr in 2014 found that Asteroids contain the fairly similar physical and chemical characteristics to oil and coal, nevertheless exploiting such asteroids need space travel that is extremely expensive and government should spend a significant budget on this field. This action is forecast requiring 70% of country's budget.

Apart from the previous discussion, space exploration related to exploring and exploiting natural resources is improper. Seeking alternative solution in the earth is more effective since there still contains other natural resources. In the planet, humans can use renewable resources, such as wind and solar energy, instead of using non-renewable resources that is near exhausted. A study carried out by Jimmy keil in 2015 found that using wind and water as replacement fossil fuels is possible action. 40% of famous inventors have come up with the idea of car using solar cell.

In conclusion, looking to resources in space related to running out of natural resources in the earth might be a good solution. However, people should consider about the diverse effect on economical problem faced by government in country. It is imperative that in the earth contains the abudant of renewable energy.
vangiespen - / 4,136 1449  
Feb 5, 2016   #2
Sharfina, your discussion of the essay topic os good. However, I would have liked to see more ownership in your part within the essay so that I would have always been reminded that you are the speaker in this issue and not just repeating information from other sources. Simple sentence openings such as "My research on this topic lead me to ...." connotes ownership, a belief in your opinion, and a first hand account of information. Such confidence can only lead to a better impression of you as an ESL person.

Now, I noticed that the one problem you have with your essay isn't the wrong grammar usage but rather the confusion you have as to when you should use a capitalized form of a word. Keep in mind the basic rule, all nouns are capitalized and allthe first word in a sentence needs to be capitalized. You have this error in your essay. The word asteroid should not be capitalized as it is located within the sentence already and it is not a proper noun. For the capitalization issue, you can clearly see the error in"such as space. space" That is a period after the word space therefore, the next word should be capitalized as well. These are simple problems that you can easily detect if you bother to review and revise your essay prior to submission. Try to perfect your sentence devices because these account for an important part of your score.

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