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Easiest way getting good grades: organizing ourselves and our time, being active in the class

Nuraya 2 / 4  
Sep 14, 2017   #1
this is my draft for academic essay writing, yet i'm not quite sure how to close my essay i mean i can't manage what should i say in the end of essay so i just made a rough conclusion. i wish you can help me and show me how to make a good conclusion of my essay. thank you so much...

Easiest way getting good grades

Getting good grades is a desire for all of the students. It can be a measured of our success on understanding the subjects. Good grades also encourages students to learn more. Yet, how if we are as students got bad grades? It will influence our motivation to continue our study since we always compare ourselves with other peers through our grades. Because of that, we need to do something to fix it. In this essay, I'd like to discuss several ways about how to get better grades on the next semester in college.

First and foremost, we have to organize all of our studying activities. Many people overlook about organizing their activities and try to jump straight to learn and do without planning and arranging everything appropriately. As a student, we can make our own student planner to write down everything about our study. It can be an assignment list from all of the subject that we have taken this semester. Due to the list it will remind us everything about the assignment and remove any doubt about how the assignment should done, as long as we write down every single detail of the assignment, such as time to submit or deadline, what to do, etc. For example, when we hesitate to do the task on the book or computer we can see the assignment list we have created to make sure. Moreover, we should include the assignment priority on our assignment list in order to control which assignment we have to do first. It will help us easier to organize our activities and assignments as well.

Secondly, time management also has an important role to support ourselves getting good grades. Make a 'to do' list is one way to manage our time so that what we do according to what we have planned. Although the main function of to do list is not to get everything done but at least we know what our responsibilities are. In addition to schedule 50 minutes a day learning sessions outside the classroom also helps us to better understand the lesson that has been taught in the classroom. We can study either at home or at the library as long as we focus on what we learn. Looking for and read other books or references also good to improve our understanding about the lesson and adding insight about what we have learned before.

Third, being active in the class will help us to improve our grades. In many cases, participating in class is an important criterion that lecturers use to consider on our final grades. Due to the fear of being judged and criticized make some student do not participate in the class. Yet, if we want to get good grades we should not think about that. Do not shy or anxious about speaking up during lecture. We are be able to participating in the class by giving opinion or asking and answering a question that given by the lecturer or other students. If we always push ourselves to not participating and speaking up in the class, it will bite us later in life when we cope with meetings, interviews, and other situations that involve public speaking. So the only way is gather our courage to speak and participate in the classroom. Other than that discussing about the lesson with our classmate also become a good thing to do because perhaps we have a different understanding with our friend then the only way is have a conversation with our friends to find the right understanding and correctness.

As can be seen, if we want to push our grades become better than before, the stuff that we should do are organizing ourselves as well, managing our time, and being active in the class. Not only getting a good grades but also we have other advantages if we follow the steps that I have mentioned before. One of the benefit is we will become more organized person like we will always make a list of anything we have to do and make a priority task of it so, we can do everything as good as always. Other benefit is we can manage our time as well because we have a 'to do' it's always remind us to do what we should do. The last thing is we will have an effectively time on our study because we have to study hard and learn more about what we have learned in the class anytime. Furthermore, as long as we have motivation to increase our grades and we always do the best of what we can do, we could get what we want.

ditoaji 5 / 7 2  
Sep 14, 2017   #2
Hi Nuraya,

As far as i know that academic writing requires us to make a short conclusion and not to come up with a new idea in conclusion body. It seems that your paraphrasing and summarizing skills are needed.

In the first sentences of your first, second and third body paragraphs you have presented main idea but not the topic sentence and your thesis statement.

I think it should be as follow :

First and foremost, we have to organize all of our studying activities. (First and foremost, Having well-organized of all studying activities may helps students getting a better score. ( Despite writing the subject "we" in academic style, it is good to put the writer views out of the essay)

Also as introductory you may write short main ideas, so does in conclusion statement without any additional main idea, just summarize and paraphrase from the previous body paragraph.
Holt [Contributor] - / 8,628 2516  
Sep 14, 2017   #3
Nuraya, I need to know if you are writing these essays as part of your preparation for taking a qualifying English exam or if you are practicing academic writing for a classroom setting. The purpose of your writing will dictate the instructions for the development of your essay. You see, the English test essays have a different set up from the academic one. For example, in a qualifying test, you cannot introduce new information in the conclusion. However, in an academic essay, you may introduce additional information in the conclusion based upon a given set of parameters. Each writing style is unique and centered on a specific purpose. Unless you clarify the actual purpose for the essay, I won't be able to give you truly useful and consistent advice regarding your writing skills.

There are a few things that I can tell you that you did wrong in this essay though. The first is that you introduced a question in the thesis statement. In an essay, whether it be for academic or test purposes, it is best that you do not pose a question in the introduction because that will force a lengthy discussion of the essay instead of a simple, straightforward discussion. Your question must be posed in the form of a complete sentence at the end of the opening paragraph instead. A research paper, makes a statement out of question because your information will justify your point of view or discussion criteria.

Your tone of writing is also inconsistent. You need to make sure that you use solely academic words and statements throughout the essay. Do not use slang or everyday terms such as "stuff". Use academic equivalents because you are not writing a grade school essay anymore. You are writing a college / masters level paper which means, your vocabulary should be more complex and your method of thinking, more serious, thus requiring a more serious tone in your writing.

As for the conclusion, you are struggling with it because you did not really outline your essay. When you write any sort of essay, it is important to list down you discussion points before you draft your essay. That way, you know exactly when you should conclude the discussion and how you plan to conclude it. Basically, if you have already responded accurately to your thesis statement, you can conclude the essay by making one last, strong pitch of additional information that ties in with the thesis statement that you made, then close by reminding the reader that you have fully responded to the thesis statement you introduced in the first paragraph. However, if you are writing for a qualifying exam, you cannot add new information and should instead, just summarize the information you previously provided along with a new paraphrase of your thesis statement.
OP Nuraya 2 / 4  
Sep 14, 2017   #4
thank you for all of your suggestions. i have corrected both introductory and conclusion of mine. this essay is not for qualifying english but just for an assignment that my lecturer gave to me. i still learn how to change my tone sounds more serious but it's quite hard for me.

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