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TOEFL-To eat at a restaurant or at home? What do you prefer?

basawang 10 / 76  
Sep 10, 2011   #1
Some people prefer to eat at food stands or restaurants. Other people prefer to prepare and eat food at home. Which do you prefer? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Mankind cannot live without food, which not only provide nutrients and energy for human body, but also satisfy one's appetite. Today people, especially those who live in urban areas, have a large variety of choices of dining. Customers can select a restaurant based on food styles, prices or some personal preferences. No wonder in recent years, a growing number of people enjoy having their meals at a restaurant rather than cooking by themselves at home. Nevertheless, I prefer to prepare my own food in my kitchen because I want to pursue a healthier lifestyle. Besides, cooking by myself can save some expenses compared to eating at a restaurant.

One of the drawbacks of not eating at home is that processed food in modern food industry and market are common, which means dining at a restaurant poses a higher risk for people to absorb some chemical additives, such as artificial colors and flavors. Moreover, in many restaurants, such as McDonald, their food is often too greasy, cloying or salty. Also, vegetables rich in vitamins and celluloses are often scarce or even lacking in modern diets. Although I am only capable of preparing simple meals and snacks, I can not only reduce the usage of additives and flavorings, but also increase the quantity of vegetables in my diet.

In addition, due to the growth of economy, the food prices gradually become higher nowadays. For example, around two decades ago in Taiwan, a bowl of noodles usually took about 20 NT dollars, but now it costs about 50 dollars or more. In spite of the fact that dining in a restaurant exhibits certain advantages, such as tasty food and delightful atmosphere, the higher charges are indeed a problem for me. When I cook for myself, I can save some expenditure cost for the services, and purchase those materials and ingredients that the price is within a reasonable range.

In a nutshell, I prefer to cook in my kitchen rather than have a meal in a restaurant because the food, which I prepare, is more salubrious, and I can reduce my expenses.
getshivam 2 / 4  
Sep 10, 2011   #2
You have covered only one aspect that home made food is healthier and have said this repeatedly. Try to find out some other reasons which could highlight your distinctive thinking process.

You didn't consider the fact that even the earning has increased in last two decades.
OP basawang 10 / 76  
Sep 10, 2011   #3

I think you are right.

For the second, I should compare the noodle price between home made and restaurant, not compare the price between the present and the past.

Thank you very much.
isabellaclaudia 14 / 31  
Sep 10, 2011   #4
i agree. to make your essay more balanced, adding one more paragraph about advantage of homecooking will be good. for instance, it hone your life skills. prepare for independent lifestyle, rather than purchasing food all the time.
OP basawang 10 / 76  
Sep 11, 2011   #5
Dear isabellaclaudia,

I can develop another paragraph about the advantage,

but I am afraid that I will not have enough time in the Toefl writing exam.

If I have to write an essay of this topic, I will substitute another reasoning for the original one talking about expense.

Thank you.

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