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Eating at food stands or restaurants OR Prepare food at home?

tuthuy3659 1 / -  
Jan 9, 2011   #1
Nowadays, eating becomes very important for each people.Some people prefer to eat at food stands or restaurants because it's save time and convenient.In my opinion, I prefer to eat food and to prepare at home rather than eat at food stands or restaurants.In this essay, I will explain reasons why did I choose that.

Firstly,when you prepare and eat food at home, you do not afraid of ingredients quality.Moreover, you can save money.In restaurants, you can get good services from waiter or delivery but food quality doesn't control your health.Some restaurants has been using bad ingredients, especially fast food, because it has too much customer per day, so preparation of restaurants or food stands is careless.But when you buy ingredients from market, supermarket by yourself, you can control about food quality.Otherwise, in restaurants you must pay for bill after eating, it's so expensive and maybe you don't satisfied abour food you has eaten.If you prepare and eat food at home, this saves some money and it brings for you a good meal.

Secondly,everymeals at home help you improve your cooking skills and this is chance make other member who is in your family get closer together.Moreover, prepare food at home is best way for you to relaxing in the weekend or holiday.Many people, of course and I like preparing and eating food at home with my family, you can study how to cook fodd from your mom, your grandmother, so we would study cooking food from them as if they did before.On the other hand, after you preparing food, everybody in your family eat it and this is a chance for people get closer in relationship, it makes yourself feel happy and everybody.,too.After ending a busy week, you need relax, preparing food and eating at home helps you relaxing in the weekend and you would ready for a new week with 100% energy for your spirit, you will have a blast for a new week.

Finally, I choose to prepare and eat food at home for all above reasons.Sometimes,eatingat food stands or restaurants is luxury with some people, so in my opinion, preparing and eating food at home is a good choice for myself and my family.How about you? It always brings for me happiness and experiences how to cook.it's really interested with me.

In conclusion, I prefer to eat and to prepare food at home.Each choice has its own disadvantages, but I believe that when you try to prepare and eat food at home, you will feel happy and you will have many good things from this life.

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