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Is eating meat good for health or not ?

Apr 10, 2017   #1

diet and human health

Many people change meat in their foods with vegetarian foods such as fruits and vegetables. They do that to keep their body health. Meat contain many substance which are needed by our body.

meat contains several substances such as protein, fat, vitamin and so on and the portion will be depended on meat. For instance pork is one kind of meat which is the most substance is fat. Many people avoid to eat pork because they want to decrease fat in their bodies especially the elderly. oldster who do not need much fat will affraid of that. they make up one's mind that it is bad for their health. it can cause disorder such as storke and over cholesterol.

Besides, disadvantages of eating too much meat there are also some advantages. First and foremost, meat contain of many substances that are needed by our body. All this matter are required by body especially for growth. Childrean are the group who are the most experience the growth season. So they require meat for their growth. secondly people will lost delicious food by become vegetarian. Many food are served by adding meat on them and the taste will be different with other kinds of food but they can not try it.

Based disadvantages and advantages people get by consuming meat, most people who need meat are children and people who became vegetarian are elderly and there are more advantages than disadvantages by eating meat.

In summary I agree that become vegetarian is not for health because people will lost some substance which needed by body on meat

Holt [Contributor] - / 9,051 2730  
Apr 10, 2017   #2
Agustina, what test did you write this essay for? Next time you write a practice test, please provide the name of the test you are practicing for and the full prompt that you are responding to, including its instructions. The general review for your essay is not good. There are too many problems with your presentation that needs to be addressed.

For starters, you neglected to proof read your essay for grammar appropriateness and spelling. That said, your essay is filled with lower case letters starting off your sentences. The rule of thumb is that the first word of every sentence in English must be capitalized in order to indicate the start of a sentence. You failed to do that in this essay all throughout. You were inconsistent in your use of the first capitalized word so you will definitely receive penalties for that in your final score.

Next, keep in mind that you are also scored on the accuracy of your spelling in the essay. So you have to proof read your work and make sure that not a single word is misspelled otherwise, it is another set of markdowns in your final score. This essay's most grave spelling error was "storke" instead of "stroke". Show that you care for your essay by making sure you accurately spell the words. Never mind the grammar inaccuracies. Provided your sentence makes sense to the reader, you will be forgiven for most mistakes in grammar since you are not a native speaker of English.

Your opening statement should have had a thesis statement, but I did not see any indicated. That means that you have not properly restated the prompt topic for discussion and the instructions you were given. Therefore, a severe markdown, that could even garner your whole essay a failing score could be delivered to your essay in the end.
nguyenhien 1 / 2 1  
Apr 10, 2017   #3
You should take more notice of verbs as well as some structures.For example:contain-contains,avoid to eat-avoid eating
In addition,your ideas are not clear enough for everyone to understand

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