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Nowadays many ecosystems in the world are experiencing problems

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Mar 16, 2021   #1

the environment protection

Chief among the cause of extinction is a surge in the human population. Due to the increased human population, the health of ecosystem is becoming worse in recent years. However, particularly in the developed world, the extinction of large predator is processing a major concern. This assay will illustrate the underlying reason for extinction in large creator and outline two ways in which government can tackle this problem.

For getting a better and convenient life, people are contributing to discover the perfect public facilities. Due to the overdeveloping in the modern world for increasing popularity, however, this phenomenon is putting various species at risk of extinction. For example, Authorities always cooperate with company to built public transportation for narrowing the gap between the rural and capital without concerning about the habitat of predators. But various other measures for the government could be implemented that would affect these problems.

One possible approach would be for the government to promote a greater education system for children. Teachers can teach more information about biodiversity and held ecotourism for children to understand the knowledge in practice. However, in any circumstance, this may not be sufficient. Every students' level is different so that it can not be sure pupils can benefit from these actions.

An alternative approach would be to buy recycle and sustainable product. Much plastic waste is left on the beach while the human goes to the sea. Plastic has become one of the harmful materials to marine. Customers should also use the reusable coffee cups and bags when going to a shop. In addition, the government has to restrict more unsustainable thing by law to reduce the carbon footprint. They can increase fines for wasting and disposable tableware.

By way of conclusion, individuals must protect the environment. It is never too late to encourage people to participate in more eco-friendly activities.
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Mar 17, 2021   #2
Chief among the cause of extinction

- Whose extinction? What is this discussion about? What is the purpose of this essay? The original prompt is not properly restated. You have left the reader confused as to what the whole point of this discussion is and what the discussion topics are. The discussion instruction is unclear. You have a tremendously faulty prompt restatement that, I am afraid, cannot help you get a passing score.

The conclusion you have written is less than the suggested 40 word summary. It failed to restate the prompt, discussion instructions, and reasoning provided in a manner that offered a proper summary review of the discussion. Without the original prompt, which you should have provided, I cannot tell what else is wrong with your work. However, I am confident that the work you have provided is going to have a difficult time getting a passing score due to the inaccuracies I have mentioned. As a proper restatement of the original prompt, this essay failed to accomplish its task.

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