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Education in home country vs study overseas

May 13, 2017   #1
In the past, when students did a university degree they tended to study in their own country.
Nowadays, they have more opportunities to study abroad.
What are the advantages and disadvantages of this development?

different learning environment

It is no doubt true that nowadays many students are inclined towards studying abroad. Studying overseas would certainly help to promoting students' knowledge but there will also be some drawbacks.

The advantages of studying in a foreign country are numerous. Firstly, it allows students to study in the world's most prestigious universities which might not be possible if they intended to study in their own countries.Take Iran as an example. The most renowned academic institutions of Iran are ranked over two hundred among all universities globally. As a consequence, many talented students decide to continue their education in top universities of developed countries which are often among the best in their related subjects. Secondly, by studying in such institutions, students will be able to transfer their knowledge to their own countries and aid to promote the level of knowledge in their specialized majors. Finally, living in a foreign country for a short period of time can help students to broaden their horizons. In other words, they would be able to learn a new language in a native community and this eventually could lead to better understanding of a new culture and connecting with people from different nationalities.

On the other hand, there are definitely some disadvantages to this development. One of the main drawbacks is that studying abroad can put substantial strains on families. That is to say in most cases students are financially dependent on their families and they don't have any other source to meet their expenditures. However, if students study in their home countries, these costs will be much lesser. Another drawback is brain drain. Unfortunately, a large proportion of students who leave their countries to study overseas won't come back after graduation. This has become a problematic issue within many countries, particularly underdeveloped and developing ones. Brain drain could have a devastating impact on the communities because these students are often among the most elite members of their societies.

In conclusion, the tendency towards studying abroad has certainly some plus points, but not all of the outcomes of this development have been positive.

niesaysi 82  
May 16, 2017   #2
... of a new culture and connecting connection with people from ...

Another drawback is brain drain.

This is a strong point :)
to study overseas won't would not come back after graduation.
and they don't do not have any other ...

Avoid word contraction. However, you have a wide range of vocabulary. There is a smooth flow of ideas, for you have used transitional devices which make your points easy to understand.

Nowadays, they have more opportunities to study abroad.

How about this one? I think it's better to also incorporate discussing these opportunities that the students have.

In the past, when students did a university degree they tended to study in their own country.

You should have related this in your intro before your thesis statement.
May 23, 2017   #3

I believe you catched the main points about studying abroad. I would suggest you to mention about the opportunities that the students can benefit in these days and didn't have before, in parallel with the question.

You can also include some solutions to the things that you showed as disadvantages. For example, for economic problems of families, now we have more opportunities to get scholarships, which turns this disadvantage into another chance to study abroad and confutes your opinion. This change would make your essay more detailed and elaborative. I like the essay the way it is, though. These are just my opinions.


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