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IELTS Writing task 2: Educational degree in rich countries gains higher position in own country

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Sep 2, 2017   #1

educational degree in rich countries

Topic: In many developing countries nowadays, it is necessary for students to get an educational degree in rich countries to gain skills that would help them acquire better jobs in their own country more quickly.

Studying overseas in developed countries with the hope of obtaining the educational degree to achieve a brighter career is a controversy. Although supporters believe there are more pros than cons, I would like to express my contradiction to this point with several reasons below.

For starters, on the education side, more and more international schools make better learning condition in both theoretical and practical study. There is an enormous increase in schools from primary schools to universities which teaching, learning, and facilities are familiar with foreign schools. Therefore, students will experience the modern and active education environment. For instance, RMIT University in Vietnam is one of the best international universities with good learning and teaching quality, has a lot of native and well - working students, especially in marketing or finance fields.

Another undeniable fact is that besides accessing modern and high-tech economic, students studying abroad are easily lulled in social evils. When living in an open-minded environment, a number of undeterminated young people who cannot control themselves will become naughty, and waste of time or involving bad habits instead of spending time at schools. Moreover, influencing and educating foreign social evils to others after returning to their own country is a potential disadvantage. Shisha and electric cigarettes are living examples of bad culture from foreign nations to our country due to overseas students.

Of course, there is no concealing the recorded cases of successful people who study abroad and achieve higher positions in famous companies in their own country, it is more important to remember that they can consistently gain soft skills by self-studying so that all their work hard will pay off.

Generally speaking, the acquisition of learning in developed nations is unnecessary for people who can learn in their own country, with the determination of working hard and studying more and more day after day.

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