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Effect of technology. Do the advantages of the online business meetings outweigh the disadvantages ?

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May 20, 2018   #1

online tools the best if used it wisely

Business meetings, discussions, traning are shown to be happening online nowadays. With the modern technology, it makes lots of advantages. Then the disadvantages are in parralel with them.

First and foremost, online meetings save our time and commuting costs. Morever, those can take place everywhere at any time so long as you have a computer. In addition , with the help of the onlline tools, users just sit at home and no worry about workplace is established.

As far as you know, we are living in time of integration, cooperating between the business with foreign counterparts is usual, which requires a convenient way to bind them together and logging in online solves that issue, ultimately expanding the business network, increasing work productivity.

However, there are certain disadvantages. It will take an amount of time for users to get familiar with the web tools used for organizing thier meetings. But that is just the tip of the iceberg. In process of using, mistakes or lag even prevents us from working efficiently. Beside those, attendants are easily distracted by stuff outside like fb or listening to music simultaneously. Noone can stop it and the meeting comes to be useless.

In general, everything in life has two sides, not except for online work, the important is how we prepare and be ready for any situation happening. So i think we will get the best value for the online tools if using it wisely.
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May 23, 2018   #2
Mai, the issue is not about online tools. It is about online business meetings. Your reference to business tools creates a different discussion from the original prompt known as a prompt deviation. As such, your essay will lose the chance to get a passing score based on proper discussion protocols in place for the IELTS Essay 2 test. Your paragraphs are very little developed. Presenting only reference points for discussion but not really developing a supporting statement for the reference. This will fail the C&C section scoring section of the test as well. Then there is the problem with your GRA. Your sentences are mostly improperly developed, structurally faulty, and will not pass as a sentence developed by a well trained ESL writer. For example, you cannot say: "As far as you know" because you do not have any idea what that person really knows. You can however, refer to "As far as I know" because you know the extent of your knowledge on a particular issue. Overall, the essay did not properly discuss whether or not online meetings outweigh the disadvantages. That is because you limited the actual discussion point to one line in the 4th paragraph. The whole essay is misinformed and does not properly educate the reader. Thus, this essay cannot gain a passing score in an actual test setting.

I am basing my observations on the partial prompt instruction that you gave. I cannot comment further due to lack of instructions coming from the original prompt. Please provide the full prompt in the text box the next time you post an essay with us. That way you can get correct, accurate, advice and not just advice based on a partial prompt rendition. Partial prompt advice could lead you down the wrong path instead of helping you improve your essay work in the right manner. That is why I am limiting my advice to only what you posted as the partial prompt instruction. This is not to be taken as full advice for the actual, full prompt requirements since you failed to post that in the essay text box. The prompt should never be used as the title of the essay either. That is how you end up providing only partial or wrong prompt requirements. So I am taking this essay at face value and giving you the same advice.

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