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Effects of detailed crime descriptions

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Aug 7, 2019   #1

substantial coverage of crimes in media

Giving detailed descriptions of crimes on the press has bad influence, so information of this should be restricted. To what extent do you agree or disagree with you this statement?

Undeniably, crime rate is on the increase. However, substantial coverage of crimes on the mass media has dire consequences to people's life. Therefore, I personally agree with it and people should minimize the underside effects.

Obviously, in-depth news reports about violent contents may potentially pollute children's mind. To be more specific, no matter what the news are, children tend to imitate the actions and behaviors shown on the press. They suppose that violence and death is a normal part in modern society. As a consequence, adolescents subconsciously behave aggressively and cruelly which may give rise to the upsurge of juvenile delinquency. For instance, it is reported that under the contents about brutal fightings, serial killers' influences, teenagers are more likely to have antisocial behavior or illegal activities than those who do not watch. Thus, censorship of this kind of information is necessary.

Another point to consider is the fact that detailed descriptions of crimes may lead to the loss of justice and security of everyone. In other words, news and documentaries illustrating criminal acts may generate fear and anxiety towards people as well as the reality of life. Watchers often mislead to the belief that they are living in a dangerous world. Hence, they develop a sense of insecurity and mistrust if they watch detailed account of crimes on a regular basic. Moreover, because images of this information shown on television are extremely obsessive and disturbing, people do not realize the positive side of life surrounding their environment.

To sum up, although some people argue that considerable coverage of crimes can be beneficial, the adverse impacts of it are undoubtedly inevitable. For this reason, government should censor the contents of mass media to maximize the advantages and lessen the disadvantages.

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Aug 9, 2019   #2
Hello ! hope you find comment helpful:
The overall structure is clear. Just little suggestion here.
Undeniably, crime rate is on the increase rising/increasing
pollute children's mind cause children to develop aggressive tendency.

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