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Effects of science on the food we eat

Manaro 2 / -  
Jun 17, 2022   #1

Write an essay on the positive or negative effects of science on the food we eat.

Nowadays, people spend more attention on eating. Additionally, professors and experts also say that if you have a balanced diet, you can easily maintain your health. Therefore, I believe that the amount of food we eat today has lots of positive scientific effects.

Scientists have been contributing to us much useful knowledge about food. Some experts establish books and receipts to share the valuation of food which they studied. For instant, a professor said that drinking a glass of milk every day can help us prevent rickets, obesity and provide calcium as well as vitamins to our body. Besides that, their books also give us some kinds of balanced diets for different types of people such as children, adults or elders. Following these books, we can bring many benefits to our bodies.

Experts not only show us some benefits of food but they also give us some ways to cook food. In the receipts, they brief us on how to combine different kinds of food or spices to make us healthier. The receipt wrote that turmeric can help us prevent stomach diseases while salmon's protein and Omega-3 fatty acid can protect our nervous system. It is such a wonderful combination of both turmeric and salmon that can help us improve cardiac healthy and block bad cholesterol.

Scientists and experts try their best to research different benefits of food and study how can reserve their nutrition after cooking. As a result, their achievements support us in having knowledge about food, the ways it affects our body and how to combine it well.

In conclusion, the food we eat influences to our body in positive ways, especially in scientific effects. The more knowledge we have, the healthier we will.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 12,839 4175  
Jun 17, 2022   #2
has lots of

This is not an academic sounding phrase. Since the writer is practicing to write academic papers, informal English words should be avoided. " Lots" should instead refer to "several" instead. The latter being the academic and formal equivalent of the word.

Word usage is an issue in this essay. Incorrect references were used at certain points in the essay:

instant= instance
healthy- health

These are a few of incorrect word usage with corresponding corrections. It is clear that the writer knows what meaning he wants to convey in English, but has limited vocabulary skills in relation to his intentions. Further development of his vocabulary is necessary. These can be done specifically through fill in the blanks sentence completion exercises.

Avoid the use of archaic English words to avoid confusing the readers. Use everyday modern English vocabulary. Receipts will be better understood as recipes these days.

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