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Effects of technology (impact on users and on different industries). 250 word essay

mona21khan 1 / 2  
Jan 12, 2019   #1

Effects of Technology

a 250 word essay ILETs
Need help and advice to improve my writing skills

Technology has made a huge advancement since it's discovery. It is well known to save us time and energy. It has had positive and negative effect on its users. This essay reflects on the positive effect technology has had on todays society.

Technologies use in the communication industry has made it possible for users to connect with anyone around the world in an instant. With the use of smart mobile phones and internet services, it has become so much easier, quicker and convenient to get in touch with families, friends and colleagues all over the world.

The use of live chat technology such as skype, viber, facebook messenger allows users to view the person we are having a conversation with, making conversations much more meaningful. Many business use live chat to engage in conference and meeting. Such advanced technology has made it very convenient for us to get in touch with others either locally or internationally.

Technology in the education industry has made it possible for many users to gain or advance their qualification. Few decades ago the only form of education available was based in classroom, where student had to be present in person.

However, these days with the use of the internet services it has become much more convenient and easy for anyone who wants to gain or advance there qualification. Many student with significant disability or those from isolated geographical areas, can now have the option of attending online learning setting to gain or advance there education from the comfort of there homes.

Technology has had many positive impact on its users. Technology has overcome many barriers that existed last century. It has allowed isolated members of the society to become much more engaged in meaningful activities.

Jean Lin 2 / 2 1  
Jan 12, 2019   #2
There some mistakes that you made:

1. You should avoid word repetition, like, technology.
2. Attached the questions(e.g. to agree or disagree, explain both idea of..) on the top of the essay.
3. The essay structure should be more clear.
4. Also, use more conjunctions to explain your ideas and make the essay more readable.
charleto9 - / 4  
Jan 16, 2019   #3
1. Try to improve the introduction; it seems a little plain.
2. Use a thesaurus for word choice. The word technology is used too many times.
3. Try to use punctuation to combine sentences to improve sentence structure.
thuduong19 2 / 2 1  
Jan 16, 2019   #4
There are quite a lot grammatical mistakes in your writing, for example
its discovery
it is well-known for saving
technology used..
I suggest to check your grammar in advance with Grammarly or other online checker carefully in advance.

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