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TOEFL- 'efforts are just in vain' - best way to improve the quality of education

fannie88 2 / 2  
Sep 15, 2011   #1
Money can be a very powerful motivation for people's efficiency. It is common sense or a convention accepted by most of people, no matter in which industry or in which country. However, when it comes to the improvement in quality of education, money is only one of the several motivations and some other factors, such as the education system and a teacher's own academic skills, in my view, weigh much heavier than salaries.

One factor that plays a core role in education quality is a teacher's own teaching skills. It is ironic that many teachers are not qualified for their job. Although most teachers in the modern education system get diplomas in education and are trained in specialized courses, many of them just do not know how to apply the knowledge to their teaching process. That is, teachers might know how to do research and publish papers. Nevertheless, they have great difficulty in making the knowledge easy to learn.

Another remarkable factor that contributes to the quality of education is the whole education system. People who concern about education may notice that nowadays, there are an increasing number of students, including middle school students, high school students, undergraduate, and even some graduated students, competing to go abroad especially America and England for further study. One cornerstone reason is that they are attracted by the cutting-edge education in those countries. However, what makes those counties like America and England so advanced in education when compared to other countries? The most direct answer is the education system. For example, the education system in America provides a much more inviting environment for new ideas and theories that encourage and inspire students to keep curiosity and explore the unknown world and knowledge.

Even though people who advocate improve the quality of education by increasing teachers' salaries may point out that with a higher salaries, teachers not only might be more concentrated on the their jobs but not on considering changing career, but also may to the largest extent to be motivated, the two reasons that mentioned above are the most emergent ones. If we cannot have good proposals to solve these two problems first, no matter how much salaries are improved, all other efforts are just in vain.

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