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I have been eighteen years existed in this world. Check my essay about myself

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Jun 14, 2008   #1
I have been eighteen years existed in this world. Within those years, I had explored every thing to create who I am today. I also satisfy my curiosity toward all the things since I was born until now. I was grown up in healthy family. My father, Ali Isaac works as canteen worker at secondary school. My mother, Maria Jasmine had passed away since I was six years old. She was crashed in which two motorcycles collided. I had two elder brothers and a younger sister. All of them are still studying.

I also do well in my studies. I applied for science stream in my secondary school. I am now pursuing a diploma in aircraft maintenance under Malaysian's Institute program. I am often interested in how the aircraft functions. My curiosity toward aircraft makes me wonder to take this course. I am willing to put in the time studying even though it is quite long. This shows that, this course is good and standard which committed to produce quality students due to career opportunities. I am willing to participate in whatever programs and activities which provided by this institute merely to end up my study brilliantly. After I complete my diploma, I want to find a job in this sector for gaining experiences. Besides that, I want to earn some money to support me when continuing my study for a degree. With having a degree, I will have the opportunity to obtain a stable and challenging career. I know that the trek ahead will not easy for me, so I need to mug up on my study. My achievement in the future lies in my own hands.

My career goal is to attain a career where I can express what I had learned about this course and passion in this sector as well as curiosity about how aircraft functions. After considering many other institutes, I have found that this institute has just the program I am looking for and can help me to be successful at my career. I have known that these sectors are still in development in Malaysia. So, the government had made their initiative to develop this sector. I think this is a chance for me to grab this opportunity for my career as a technician or mechanic which is needed in this sector. This is because, Malaysia and other Asia Pacific countries still less having this group, despite of many students from engineering course had graduate by institute high education.

I am very committed to fulfilling my career goal and as so I will push myself in many ways to succeed and graduate. So that, I may fulfill my dream and to be proud part of the aircraft staff.

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