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EILTS Task 2: Pupils' Concentrating Hurdle in The Class

Hadiyati Fudla 9 / 14 3  
Apr 6, 2016   #1
These days, many children have difficulty paying attention and concentrating in their classes at school.
What are the reasons for this?
How can it be dealt with?

To attain the best achievement in the school becomes a must to the pupils in this literate age. Yet, a large number of student cannot consentrate well in the class and they have a big effort to pay attention to their subjects in the school. This condition can be caused by inadequate breakfast and accecive activities beyond the school. To tackle this issue, fully support from parents is sorely useful like controlling their kids' consumption and routinity.

There are at least two predominant factors renders the decline of children's consentration in the school. First of all, insufficient nutritious diet from their breakfast. As such, the beginning meal will be used by their body system to produce more brain oxigen which is the main essence obtaining good consentration. They will focus easily if this substance is fulfilled. Secondly, the axaggerate routine like attending an extra-study or courses do by such children can interrupt their attention as well. This is because it will make them exhausted and cannot perform the best effort for their compulsory study.

Parents, especially mother, can do many atempts to address this predicament. Initially, preparing a healthy suicines is the best choise to supply their nutrient facing the lesson. Doing this will help children's sufficiency fulfilled. Moreover, parents can help managing kids' time such as decrease their extra-lesson outside the school. By this, they will focus on their subject without interference.

To sum up, lack of attention and concentraring at school can be caused by insufficient diet and the exeggarate work. But, parents can prepare appropriate meal and managing their routinity to overcome this hurdle.

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