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To be elected as the country's president gives prestige and honor.

elainedlcruz 11 / 25  
Aug 4, 2009   #1

I'm trying to practice writing more essay for my cbest. Would appreciate feedback. thanks

Topic 3: Organize a well-written essay about a person you know and has become very successful. This success has in some way changed him or her. Explain how he or she is now different.

To be elected as the country's president gives prestige and honor. I consider Philippine's ex-president, Corazon Aquino as a successful person in her political and social era. She was the image of a loving Filipino mother, a dedicated citizen and a devoted child of God. After her presidency, she continued serving her fellow citizens away from limelight. Her political experience paved way for her to change her simple housemother image into becoming active in helping the poor and to fight corruption in the country.

Cory as the Filipinos are fond of calling her is a house mother who ran for presidency after her husband's assasination. She never like to be involved in politics although she gained much political wisdom from his deceased husband. At first, she devoted all her time taking care of her children's financial and emotional needs. She took care of her children and raised them to be respectful and responsible citizens. After her presidency, she remained to be a caring mother to her family by guiding and supporting them in their careers. Although, her active involvement in social and civic campaigns to alienate poverty and corruption was evident. Her presidency experience, changed her to fight for what is just.

Cory imposed in the minds of her children to serve the country even without leadership position. She was a mother who encouraged her children to be socially active in different civic campaigns. She continued her husband's political platform to fight against abusive dictatorship and corruption in the government. She remained a dedicated fellow citizen by emulsifying core values as an honest and humble citizen. She was a politician who did not overuse her power during and after her presidency.

She was the image of a prayerful child of God. She became active in different religious societies and help organize prayer rallies for corrupt government officials. She also contributed much of her personal wealth to fund different charitable programs for the poor families. Cory in times of adversity like family problems and sickness remained prayerful. She devoted much time in reciting her rosary every day. Even after being afflicted with cancer, she pose the image of a faithful person. She remained strong amidst her sickness and placed her trust in God.

Succeeding in life may range from being a president to a local community helper. What really matters is who we become after. Cory choose to change for the good of her country. To be a loving mother, a dedicated citizen and a devoted child of God are the positive traits which she possess. Indeed, a persons success is never measured in terms of wealth but in the impact it made in the lives of other people.
EF_Simone 2 / 1,986  
Aug 5, 2009   #2
Do you know Corazon Aquino? If so, you must say how you know her. If not, then you have not answered the question. The question was not to reflect upon a famous person's life but, rather, to discuss the effect of success on a person you know.

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