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Email is a fast and convenient way to communicate, and written letters aren't needed anymore.

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Apr 27, 2016   #1
The advent of email as a replacement of traditional letters has had enormous influences on the means of communications. While the emerging of emails revolutionize either professional or social relationships, the negative aspects of this new technology could not be denied. In my point of view, the benefits of using emails outweigh drawbacks.

Undoubtedly, substitution of paper letters by electronic mails has significant advantages for human community. The first overt advantage of this hi-tech tool is providing a far more convenient way for sending letters. In particular, letters are bound to send at an accelerating pace to everywhere around the globe. Furthermore, using of emails rather than traditional letters contributes to reduction of paper waste, produced from either writing or enveloping letters. For example, regarding to official statistics, the amount of paper waste in recent years in my country have been decreased approximately by 40%. Therefore, more emails have sent, more trees would be saved from logging.

On the other hand, there would be some negative effects regarding implying of emails. Firstly, the emerging of emails has provided a new means of advertising for producers to offer their products or services online. Therefore, individuals would face to several adverts or technically spam emails in their inbox daily. Another concern regarding emails is their vulnerability to cyber fraud. One particularly salient example of this is my grandparent's experience- They had received and email last year, claiming you have been awarded a thousand dollar in a lottery and requiring their credit card detail for transferring the prize.

In conclusion, I personally believe while electronic mails have brought about remarkable advancements in the way of communicating, people ought to apply it as a new way of contacting by taking precaution measures and protect their privacy.
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Apr 28, 2016   #2
Hi Zhinous, I would like to WELCOME you to the Essay Forum Family.
I hope you find this website as a useful reference to your writing articles.
Upon reading and understanding your essay, I must say that it is well written, you created a good flow of ideas.

What I would suggest, however, is you define the citations that you have in this essay, what I mean is that, when you say,"firstly", then that should be the first example that you define in your essay and the succeeding ones will be different or regarded as second, otherwise, do not put a label in the samples you include in the essay.

Overall, it is a good start, and I hope we will be able to provide you with good reviews and you keep writing, remember, it does not necessarily have to be an essay, any writing article that you may have, you can post it here on EF and we will assist you further.
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Apr 29, 2016   #3
the benefits of using emails outweigh TO THE drawbacks.
THE more emails have sent, THE more trees would be saved
individuals would face to several

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