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IELTS> "Employees working at home" contribute benefits to employers?

winniesun 9 / 19  
Jul 7, 2011   #1
I'm so nervous now, Exam become nearer...
Modern technology brings benefits to employees since they can work at home, but the benefits do not contribute to the employers. To what extend do you agree or disagree

flexible approach to the modern working

In an age of rampant technology, the strategies for establishing a successful enterprise have changed over year. As evidence of this, there can be easily seen that the restriction of a working place for an employee is not a compulsory anymore with the explosion of internet access system by which they can appreciate their works from home. However, some people are drawn to pessimistic view with these policies which only can make profit for the employees and there will be no positive aspects for employers. It seems to be that providing a peaceful working environment for workers can create many benefits for the owners beyond than we expected.

There does seem to be evidence that we could not measure the work done which is performed in the employee's own house hold where they may not fully put effort to their tasks and may break their obligation. With the lack of proper management, there has been high possibility of not finishing work within a time limit. However, can we expect merely the downsides from this modern workplace?

Despite its certain drawbacks and defects, I do strongly agree that without perpetual worrying for the time taken by transportation, means not only can save working hours but also can gain more workforces from employees. Another factor that can be contributed is that actual talented people who are, unfortunately disabled can fully appreciate that alternative workplace.

Nobody can deny that the conventional way of working by sitting the whole day at an office desk can impose stressful environment. Instead, performing a particular task in more familiar place surrounded by their beloved family member may encourage the employees to produce more work done. Last but not least is that this new commitment from the authorities of a company can persuade the genius professional and experienced employees to be a part of their business.

All in all, these flexible approaches to modern working pattern seem to be worthwhile for both entrepreneurs and salary receivers. Nevertheless, in my opinion, face to face communication between employers and employees should be taken into account by creating in a traditional working environment at least one day a week to establish mutual understanding.
Alisha123 9 / 18  
Jul 8, 2011   #2
Intro is very complicated..
I agree with above view..

Despite of the drawbacks..

supporting paragraphs are less explained and sentences are not nicely corelated..

but we all are learning .. I am sure will perform better...
EF_Kevin 8 / 13,321 129  
Jul 9, 2011   #3
...by their beloved family members may...

encourage the employees to produce get more work done.

... approaches to modern working pattern work seem to ...

Use hyphens:

Great job! You have a talent for language. This language is so complex. I think you should keep it simple for now. Complex language is not good to use, but because you are ABLE to use it I am sure you will find a lot of success.

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