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The employment pressure of graduate students

mirror 1 / -  
Apr 11, 2017   #1

The great stress of graduates

With the rapid development of society, recent years have witnessed an increasing number of graduate students facing with too heavy pressures, such as academic stress, economic pressure, emotional stress, but the most serious one may be the stress of job hunting. About a decade ago, graduate students could find suitable and enviable jobs easily after their graduation. But now, things are different. More and more graduate students grumble that it is difficult to find a satisfactory job. From my own perspective, both society and individuals should be responsible for this matter.

First of all, it is the contradiction between the ever-expanding number of graduate students and the comparatively less demand from the society that brings about a fiercer competition of the job market. For example, Amy, a graduate student, who is busy submitting her resume through the internet and job fairs, says that since a large number of job positions for her specialty are lost, she has not found a suitable job until now. According to the statistics, there were just 74% of graduate students who had found their jobs last year, and this year the number of graduate students will reach a new high, leading to a decreased chance for students to find jobs.

At the same time, many companies are gradually improving their requirements for candidates, making the situation much worse. Through the results of a survey, many recruitment companies have made severe qualifications for graduate students, such as graduating from prestigious universities, getting certain certificates, having practical experience, having a certain height, just male or female and so on. If applicants do not meet the requirements, companies will refuse them immediately.

Nevertheless, there are also students who have successfully found their jobs. It is found that many other graduate students who can not find work are in common because of lack of adequate social experience or knowledge to apply for positions they want. For instance, some of them spend most time at school studying academic subjects while lacking relevant job training. On the contrary, some are not interested in their subjects, therefore they are reluctant to do their experiments and even apply to postpone their graduation date. It is not surprising that when they are leaving the university campus to society, both of them feel extremely lost and frustrated in job application.

In conclusion, not only the social environment aggravates the pressure of employment for graduate students, but also the students themselves limit them to get a better paid job. All in all, it is necessary for government, society and students to work together to solve this problem urgently.

joseph256 2 / 3  
Apr 11, 2017   #2
Hello @mirror i think your essay is a good read, i like the part where you gave an example of amy it really brings out the whole picture. i dont seem to have a problem with your grammar as well. i think its a good piece
Holt [Contributor] - / 8,801 2611  
Apr 11, 2017   #3
Mirror, I wish that you had given me an inclination as to what the actual prompt for this essay is. That instruction is very important in my analysis of your work and eventual scoring. I could've given you a more specific review instead. As of now, what I can tell you is that your use of the term "graduate student" is quite possibly wrong. A "graduate student" is someone who has already completed a college level education and is selling to find employment in his field of academic training. That is not the kind of person you describe in your essay. You are describing a college student, who, although a graduate is never referred to as a graduate student but rather, is simply called a "college graduate " or "graduate". Your use of the word "but" at the start of a sentence is academically unacceptable. You can only use but to join two related ideas in one sentence. Since a sentence does not start out presenting an idea, you cannot use the term to compose a stand alone sentence. As for the correctness of your discussion, that is a gray area because you failed to provide the prompt requirement and since I can only advice you once, you just water the opportunity to recurve a comprehensive analysis of your work from me.

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