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Empowering Gadgets to Access World

haris_ibrahimm 1 / 1  
May 11, 2017   #1
writing task 2: Nowadays, parents often let their children play a lot with computers, and tablets in order to improve their technological skills. Do the advantages of the use of these devices from an early age outweigh the disadvantages?

kids with high-tech devices in their hands

In digital native era, introducing gadgets to children in early age to improve their technological abilities are often conducted by their parents. Due to, they will realize early of the benefits of advance technology, such as computers and tablets which used by them to spend much of their times. Personally, i strongly believe this will lead them to achieve some merits by empowering gadgets to access some information around the world than demerits.

To begin with, the development of technology by create some new tools likely, tablets and computers will make information are accessible. Taken an example, merely the people who stay in their home still travel in digital world by using some gadgets. This show, that the technology be able to open children's mind as an advantages to aware early of the sophisticated technology. Hence, it may provide the children a way to recognize how easy the world to access.

Furthermore, some devices which children utilize are portability to operate. For instance, tablets and smartphones are used to surf in internet which is saved many information to be accessed. It is also operated by walking around your town or do some activities at the same time, while use it to explore news anywhere.Therefore, the utilizing of it may help them in their activity without trapped in front of computers in their house as a disadvantage.

To sum up, early recognizing some devices to children will bring some benefits to their own life. They can access any information which they need, whereas their solely use their gadgets and it is portability to bring wherever they wanted. Then, it is the way to empower the advance technology to improve their skills.

moh_jawahir - / 7 1  
May 11, 2017   #2
Hi... Haris

introducing gadgets (...) abilities are is often conducted ...

to access some information around the world than demerits.

= learn more about comparison

technology by create = creating some new tools likely, tablets

This shows, that the technology be is able to

are used to surf in the internet

which is saved (you want to use active or passive voice?) many information to be accessed

whereas their (they) solely use their gadgets and

hope this helps,
many thanks,

Moh. Jawahir

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