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Should we encourage the youth to engage in unpaid community work?

tenhquameo 1 / -  
Nov 23, 2021   #1
Topic Title:
Some people believe that teenagers should be required to do unpaid community work in their free time. This can benefit teenagers and the community as well.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?

It is believed that nowadays the youngsters should be encouraged to engage more in community work, and this would be beneficial for both teenagers and society as a whole. Personally, I completely agree with this statement.

To begin with, participating in more voluntary work would bring young people various benefits. First, they could learn more social skills or soft skills such as communication skills or problem-solving skills, which would be extremely helpful for their life or future career. For example, by experiencing volunteering activities, many students have applied practical skills such as time management in their studies, which may lead to good results at school. On top of that, the youth are less likely to spend hours wasting time in front of the screen. Take me as an obvious example, after I had joined a volunteering club at school, this helped me limit the use of social media to only 30 minutes a day.

Furthermore, it is undeniable that society would have long-term benefits. More and more voluntary engagement of adolescents could also create valuable services, which help the needy by providing them with food and clothes. Additionally, this trend may strengthen the relationship between teenagers and the community because the youngsters would know the importance of helping others. As a result, many high schools are organizing more voluntary clubs in order to give their students more chances to experience volunteering.

To sum up, it seems to me that social work without pay would offer advantages for both young people and communities.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 13,037 4251  
Nov 24, 2021   #2
should be encouraged to engage more in community work

There is a difference between ordinary community work and free community service. The difference is basesd on remuneration. Ordinary community work allows the youth to receive some sort of honorarium for their participation. Free community work does not. Your reference did not differentiate between the two. The original prompt was clear about this. It is free community work. Additionally, you did not rephrase the term community work in your presentation. You should have used synonyms in its place to show how well you understood the term and your ability to restate the same in your own words.

Take me as an obvious example,

You did a good job of connecting yourself to your social media reason. However, there should have also been a reference as to how you became a better member of the community because you mentioned that as a reason in the first part. An example that shows how you contributed positively and learned something from it would have been a perfect example.

Save for these 2 observations, I would have to say that you understood and discussed the topic very well with several relevant examples. This will be a passing essay in an actual test format.

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