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The energy produced by France in the course of two years (1995 and 2005)

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Nov 14, 2021   #1

energy production by source

The charts illustrate the different 5 categories of sources of energy produced by France in the course of two years, namely coal, gas, petro, nuclear and other energy, starting in 1995 and the second year is 2005.

Overall, it is immediately obvious that gas and coal are the major kinds of energy consumed in France, and other sources of energy generated the minimum amount of energy in France. It can be seen that an upward trend was experienced in gas, coal, nuclear and other sources of energy with the exception of petro. In addition, it is clear that coal occupied the first positions and other kinds of energy reach the lowest record.

To begin with, the major source of energy: coal, standing at 29.80 percent. Then, this figure moved upward to 30.93 percent. Not only coal can be seen, but a similar trend also witnessed in other energy (9.10 percent), nuclear (10.10 percent), and gas (30.31 percent), which reached an upturn, too. Petro stood at 29.27 percent and then reached a downward to 19.55 percent.
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Nov 15, 2021   #2
The number of charts along with its varied information focus should be spelled out in the summary. Proper differentiation of image content must be provided to help the reader gain a better summarized understanding of the facts. A thorough review of the paragraph shows the lack of proper information presentation per image. It does not address the paragraph requirements in a passing manner.

The writer has under-developed the report. With 2 images available for comparison, the writer should have written more comparative and analytical paragraphs.The requirement for 2 image reports is a 4 paragraph presentation. The correct format needs 2 analytical paragraphs. This presentation only has 1 reporting paragraph. One analpis and comparison presentation per image.
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Nov 15, 2021   #3
thank ya' very much.

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