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Energy sources shortage and negative impact on the global climate - 21st century has begun

talibaquil 2 / 3  
Feb 7, 2015   #1
The 21st century has begun. What changes do you think this new century will bring? Use examples and details in your answer.
As the 21st century begun, many changes will happened. the industrial revolution that happened in the 20th century will give it's impact in obvious way in the 21st century. There will be two serious main changes will happened. First, there will be a very negative impact on the global climate,because of there will be an increase of pollution in the atmosphere. Second, there will be a shortage in energy sources.

The first change that I will discuss is the impact that is happening by the human behavior on the environment. As the revolution that happened in the industry it's difficult to not seeing at least one or two factory in each city, moreover due to the change that happened in the life style of human that was accompanied by the progress that happened in vehicles manufacturing,that's made every body have it's own car, and a lot of many other factors that all of them as a result to work they emits carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. Even there were a lot of projects regarding the green behavior about products that are environment friendly, but we still did not see any of them presented to the people in affordable prices. For instance the prices of the hybrid cars that are very high comparable to the other gasoline fuel cars, nor the factories were able to use the solar energy or the wind mill energy due to the high cost of these types. But in the same time there is new factories being open every day, and the car companies still release there cars annually to the markets, eventually on of the main changes that will happened for sure is the environment pollution from my point of view.

The second main changes from my point of view will be the energy shortage. For decades in the 20th century the humans almost were completely depending on the oil as the main source for energy, the oil was interfering in every day human life, wars were happening between countries for the oils. Oils entered in every thing from providing the fuel for the transportation, provide the crude material for many chemicals industries to the playing the main role in operating a lot of factories, or the stations that contributed as the main sources of electric energy. Usually the oil founded naturally in some areas around the world by the decomposition of the organic material for millions of years under the ground with a pressure. That is meaning that the amount of oils that humans have is limited, in addition to that we couldn't replace that source of energy by another affordable source as I mentioned above, nor we founded a way to manufacture the oil artificially. All this is accompanied by an increase in the consumption of that source with no any compensating.As a result, this source will be finished soon or later, and I think this will be happened in the 21st century, this is my point of view regarding some of the changes that may happened in the 21st century.

To sum up, as we finished the 20th century and entered the 21st century, there will be a lot of changes that will be happened to the world as a result for the progression that happened in the man lifestyle. A lot of these changes are serious and might be crucially effect our future, like the pollution or the fuel shortage, and even there is no serious moves happened yet to counteract these changes. I believe human will find the proper solution to compensate these negative impacts. Hoping that to be happen in the near future.

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