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ENIGMA = is traffic congestion the resposiblility of individuals or governments?

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Feb 2, 2015   #1

Question :
Some people say that, to reduce traffic congestion in large cities, governments should act to reduce the number of cars on the roads. Others say that it is the responsibility of individuals to use car less and public transport more.

Discuss both these view and give your opinion.

Road traffic jams continue to remain a major problem for most cities around the world. For this reason, some people assume that curtailing massive traffic explosion is government's responsibility in that majority local councils in vast numbers of metropolises have regulatory authority in reducing a number of automobiles on the road by implementing a policy. Nevertheless, this situation is alarming a group of urban sprawl's experts who advocate citizens to avoid using their private cars and to encourage them using public vehicles as the experts believe that the problem is the responsibility of individuals. While both arguments are reasonable, I comprehensively believe that government should intermingle with citizens so as to overcome congestion.

Governments play a key role to alleviate this problem. What cities need to reduce a number of cars is strict regulation from the executives such as driving restriction policy. Taking Beijing as an obvious example, the city has been implementing transportation demand management regulation aimed for restricting automobile travel through streets such as the restriction of cars that could enter common roads during certain periods in recent decades. A result shows that 40% daily reduction of private vehicles in 2008 was reported after comparing the data for vehicle emissions before and after the following policy was carried out.

Conversely, citizens are encouraged to avoid using their cars and should change their ways to travel to public transports. Individuals play an important role to decline road traffic jams when they have awareness in traffic jam. The evidence of this case is provided by a condition in the US. Transportation institute's 2011 mobility reports that congestion in the US has decreased substantially over the last 25 years because American citizens prevent from using their own car and moving to MRT as their methods to travel. It proves that Traffic jam can be solved as long as the citizens have a high concern for using public vehicles.

I am of opinion; a strict policy cannot reduce congestion unless the citizens support government policy on using public transport and vice versa. Therefore, government and citizens should support each other to solve the problem together. Both of them cannot close their eyes and blame each other as congestion problem is a responsibility of a government as well as citizens.

In conclusion, while government can formulate a policy to confine a number of private cars on the roads and individuals have a high concern for using public transport; congestion cannot be solved if citizens and government do not stand for each other.
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Feb 3, 2015   #2
I think there are some minor grammatical errors as below:

a major problem forin most cities around the world.

a group of urban sprawl's experts whothat advocates citizens

as the congestion problem is

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