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IELTS: Environment is damaged by human. Which human activities damage environment, what can be done?

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Aug 28, 2023   #1

environmental problems caused by human actions and suggested solutions

It is undoubted that Human activities have a damaging impact on the environment. This essay will discuss some environmental problems caused by human actions and suggest solutions to effectively solve these issues.

One of the human activities that have detrimental effects on the environment is deforestation. When trees are cut down for agriculture and residential areas, the habitats of countless species are destroyed. As a result, many animal species may become vulnerable to extinction. The loss of forests also implies the loss in vegetation coverage, leaving topsoil exposed to destructive erosion elements, such as winds and thunderstorms. In addition, the majority of air pollution is the result of human activities. Increased fossil fuel combustion from factories, power stations, and motor vehicles has pumped large quantities of air pollutants like carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. The higher the amount of pollutants is, the more degraded the environment is.

There are some measures that need to be taken to tackle these issues resulting from human behaviors. Specifically, strict enforcement of environmental laws and regulations by governments, such as penalties for illegal logging, is necessary to combat deforestation and protect natural habitats. Furthermore, Individuals should actively engage in environment protection activities, including replanting trees on bare hills and establishing nature reserves where endangered animals and plants can be protected effectively from people's harm. Besides, the use of public transport like buses and vehicles that do not burn fossil fuels should be promoted among commuters. This is particularly evident in the Netherlands and Denmark, where the community is encouraged to lead a cycling lifestyle to keep the environment clean.

In conclusion, human activities are largely responsible for environmental degradation. Both governments and the community should rigorously adhere to the suggested measures above to solve these problems.

This is an IELTS writing task 2, I hope that I will be given a feedback and suggested a band score for this essay. Thank you.

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