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Environmental Problems and solutions. In which ways humans are damaging the environment?

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Aug 11, 2021   #1

human impact on environment

In this day and age,environmental problems are the primary concern of the world.
While humans are responsible for damages to the environment,we also can take action to solve these issues.My essay below will indicate main environmental problems and some measures that governments and individuals can take to tackle these problems.

To begin with,two major threats to our environment nowadays are air pollution and waste.In the first place, due to the development of industrialization,there is a rise in gas emissions from factories into the air.Besides,the great demand for transportation leads to the increasing amount of exhaust from vehicles.These are main factors contributing to the atmospheric contamination which has devastating effects on people health.In the second place,as a result of population growth and the rising popularity of packaged products, we are producing a greater quantity of rubbish,leading to air pollution and river impurity.

Despite the intensity of the above problems,it is completely possible for us to deal with. On a large scale,governments should pass laws to cut down on the sheer volume of air pollution.In addition,it is essential for local authorities to encourage factories and companies to use renewable resources such as solar energy and wind energy. On individual levels,in order to lessen the exhaust fumes from transports,it would be better off curtailing the use of private vehicles like cars. Instead, we can take public transports for long distances and bicycles for short ones. On top of that,individuals can reduce waste by giving more priority to products with less packaging and those which are recyclable and reusable.For instance,because plastic bags are extremely difficult to decompose,many supermarkets now provide their customers with reusable ones.The aforementioned measures play a vital role in addressing environmental issues.

All in all,human beings are destroying the environment with little awareness. Hence,both governments and individuals must take steps to combat related problems and safeguard our green planet.

I hope you will read and give feedback on my paper!
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Aug 12, 2021   #2
Based on the original prompt, this discussion must be composed of 3 discussion and reasoning paragraphs. The individual paragraph topics are as follows:

Paragraph 2: Ways in which humans are damaging the environment.
Paragraph 3: What can governments do to address these problems?
Paragraph 4: What can individual people do?

The present discussion paragraphs do not do a good job of addressing these questions fully as the topics are barely explained and often combine topics in paragraphs, creating mentions rather than developed explations that are based on:

- reasoning merit
- relevant examples
- supporting ideas

Both of which should be discussed in relevant paragraphs using an expanded presentation form. The writer makes zero effort to create cohesive topic paragraphs or paragraph content, further reducing the quality of work in the presentation.

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