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Environmental protection is the responsibility of politicians, not individuals. IELTS TASK 2

JohnJake 1 / -  
Jul 11, 2020   #1

who should play the biggest role in environment protection?

Environmental protection is the responsibility of politicians, not individuals as individuals can do too little.To what extent do you agree or disagree?
Protecting the environmental is deemed to be the duty of the government's members, not individuals as it is though that contribution of individuals to this matter is trivial. From my points of view, I completely disagree with this statement.

On the one hand, I believe that collective effort from many individuals within a community will make huge differences to the environmental protection.More and more people are supporting the trend of stopping using plastic bags, plastic straws, sorting garbage, more recycling,so on.If this trend is globally followed ,the demand of using plastic products will significantly decrease which helps to prevent the environment from take a heavy toll on plastic pollution.

On the other hand, government's members are also responsible for environmental issues.In order for serious problems such as global warming,violent storms, other extreme weather events to be effectively addressed, it requires the efforts and cooperation of politicians and large environmental organizations to set out laws and regulations to ensure environmental protection.For instance, corporations must follow certain standards on waste treatment, paying more tax if their production activies exceed the limits.

In conclusion, I believe that both politicians and individuals play a vital role in protecting the environment, because it is everyone's duty.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 13,728 4511  
Jul 11, 2020   #2
Okay. So, you did not meet the minimum word requirement for this essay. There are percentage points that will be deducted based on the missing 49 words. That is the first main problem that will reduce your grade passing capacity with this presentation. Always meet the 3 - 5 sentence requirement per paragraph. It does not matter if it is the prompt paraphrase, the body of paragraphs, or the concluding summary. Meeting the sentence requirement will always result in you meeting the minimum or more than the minimum word count.

Speaking of the paragraphs, you have a tendency to use run-on sentences in your presentations. That will be the main reason why you will not meet the 3-5 sentence count. This error will have a direct effect on your GRA score as this type of format shows a lack of punctuation usage, grammar rules, and sentence structure ability.

These are the main reasons why your essay will not be able to achieve a passing score. These represent just too many point deductions in your work, and I have not even included the spelling errors that will pull down you LR score as well. Correct these 2 main errors in your presentation in your next essay. When you accomplish that, we will be able to talk about the quality of your presentation already.

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