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ESCAPE FROM STRESSFUL LIVES; Descriptive Essay: Tiki Beach

linadu95 2 / 5  
Feb 12, 2013   #1
To escape the stressful lives that we all live today, my family and I decided to take a vacation to the Cayman Islands. The stunning view left me speechless, while the experience of jet skiing on the clear blue water sent shots of adrenalin through my veins, which left me savoring every moment on the island.

Looking out from the balcony of a small but exquisite restaurant, I gazed at the pale blue sky. Watched as the fluffy marshmallow clouds glided lazily across the sapphire sky. Below the pristine vault of heaven layed the splendid ocean. The sunlight lit up the clear turquoise water, as the rays of light penetrated the fragile surface of the sea. I walked down the newly painted stairs, but was soon startled - not by the heat radiating from the pearl white sand, rather than the texture. The fine grinds of crystal formed a soft cushion, with each step I sank further into the frosted mattress. As I walked towards the vintage lounge chair, the sun rays attacked my bare skin. Meanwhile, the tingling burning sensation heated my body. Finally, I reached for the bamboo chair, while the trickles of sweat rolled down my cheek. It was quiet on the beach, besides the gently and soft sound of the waves, as the ocean came and went.

There were only a few people on the beach. A couple sat beneath the beach ball colored sun umbrella. The young man layed on his back avoiding any meaningless movements, as he stayed still, wish the waves of heat would die down. On the other hand, the brunette woman prepared herself for a long tanning sessions, as she carefully applied the white paste sunscreen to every inch of her body. In the far distance, two young children played gingerly in the water, as if they were too afraid to interrupt the mesmerizing scenery before them. The little boy held his sweetheart's hand and led her towards a new adventure, exploring the magnificent yet mysterious sea that layed before their eyes. Looking through my sunglasses, an odd pair caught my eyes. An elderly man in a Hawaiian shirt swiftly climbed a brown haired horse. With a quick snap with his wrist, he expertly controlled the horse as it jogged along the water.

The sun reached its highest point as noon stepped in, I hopped of the lounge chair and headed over to one the colorful jet skis parked near a small wooden shack on the water. Eagerly, I turned on the vehicle and the powerful engine roared on the quiet beach. As I slowly twisted the gas handle bar, the ski took off instantaneously, almost threw me off in the process. As the machine gains speed, the clement wind rushed towards me, as well the cool water splashed from all around the jet ski refreshed my warm body. Meanwhile, shots of adrenalin pumped into my veins pushing to go faster. the danger of falling thrilled me, as giggles escaped my closed lips. Suddenly, the scorching heat radiated from the sun was no longer present, nothing was present, but the sensations and what was ahead of me were the only things mattered. As I became more familiar with my new found joy, the more fearless I became. I leaped up with each wave I hit, using the momentum to reach higher with each jump. With every turn I faced, I shifted my weight to push for shaper turns. Time sliped by quickly, as I roamed the ocean surface, soon the fuel level became low, forcing me to drive back.

I sat as the dark orange sun started to set, while the sky and the entire ocean became red. I watched as I searched for words, paradise. As days went on, the vacation chased all my stress away leaving me completely rejuvenated. The picture of the beach sun set will forever be burned into my memory.

Thank you for reading my essay! Please feel free to edit! I think my introduction and conclusion are both quite weak, please help me on that. Thank you!

orkhan 12 / 19  
Feb 12, 2013   #2
i think your essay is excellent...thank u for such a perfect description.
brendaaa1329 1 / 3  
Feb 12, 2013   #3
Your essay was very descriptive. I think you describe what was stressing you to show readers that you needed this vacation.
Other than that you should check on your spelling. Adrenaline was missing an e.

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